Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Black Eye...

Not sure if you caught J’s black eye in the picture of him napping, but yes, he once again is sporting a black eye…

Anyway, I think Daddy has discovered, J takes his grace (or lack there of) after me… He ran full speed into a wall at daycare.
Then the next morning, he ran full speed into the edge of the counter. If it hadn’t been for Grandma M’s cushions, I do believe we would be sporting 2 black eyes, with a broken nose in between. Luckily he, like me, rolls with it & acts like it never happened as he gets up & goes again right away…

However, he was totally adorable because when I did catch him, he goes “Kiss” giving me his nose. Then upon receiving his kiss goes “All Better!”

I love him!


  1. Poor J!!! I had a few black eyes growing up-- that's why my mom put me in ballet ASAP (to learn some grace and coordination!), but I guess that's not really an option with J? (knowing Mr. M!)


  2. Stop beating your kid will you?!?