Thursday, March 28, 2013

You make me laugh...

Kiddo, you crack me up.  Daily.  Belly laughs.  Here are some of your more recent chuckle moments.

Mom you know what'd be really cool?

No - what?

If Mr. Kyle's name was just Kyle.

It is.

What?  Why do I have to call him Mr. Kyle.

Cause it's polite.

Awweee Mannnnn.


Hey Mom...  I was once in your belly because you ate me.

yeah... Not going there yet.

In a discussion of healthy vs. non-healthy foods...

French fries are un-healthy. (1 min delay) Well, they do come from potatoes, and potatoes are vegetables.  And vegetables are healthy.  So they are sorta healthy.

Mom, when I get big.  Like 6, will I be able to drive a car like you?


In a discussion about my childhood...

Wow mom.  You are REALLY old.  What are you - like 90?


In a discussion about getting your picture taken with the E. Bunny...

Daddy asked if you were too old for that.

The look of horror on your face I believe matched mine, as I kicked daddy under the table.

Needless to say, we have a date with said Bunny tomorrow after school.


Speaking of the Easter Bunny... What would you like this year?

Well... I'll give you a hint. 
I do it in the pool. 
Pirates Shoot it.
It starts with a "K" sound.

A cannon ball.

Nope.  No more guesses for you!

.... Next morning ....

Sorry mom... No more guesses.  It's between me & the bunny. 

(enter guilty grin) okay, okay.  I'll let you guess.


(happy grin) Maybe... I'm not telling.

Whew... Way too much work.  Maybe you are getting to old.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Consequences - I suggest... You suggest...

Wow Bud... This weekend started off with a bang.  In the form of leaving breakfast with grandma and grandpa M to deal with a rather surprising and totally unacceptable meltdown at the end of breakfast.

Looking back on it, I get you were tired.  I get you were in general cranky.  I get you wanted to stay home, and I said sorry.  Grandma and Grandpa hadn't seen you in a while, and they wanted to see you.  We do what we do.  I'm teaching you that you respect family commitments, even when you don't want to do them.  You do them because it is the right thing to do.  And yes, I care about how it makes them feel, and I want you to care too.

So while, yes, I can see why you  melted down, I am still issuing consequences because your meltdown was completely unacceptable. 

What I did love was how after you got your emotions under control, you recognized you deserved consequences as well.

Mommy's suggestion was - you melted down because I would not discuss buying you a toy at Cracker Barrel that would be candy filled insanity until AFTER you ate your breakfast. 

Really dude?!?! 

You know Grandma would have totally sprung for it... All you had to do was eat 5 more bites.

Nope... You pulled tears and madness.

But they are no match for Mommy.  And thankfully the grandparentals totally understood your meltdown was exacerbated by an audience and promptly left upon you returning to your tear state after my first pass at calming you down.

So yeah.  Have your tantrum bud.  I will keep you safe and love you, but do not mistake that for my letting you off for such behavior.

I won't.





Got it.


So as such... I suggested, we pick a toy in current rotation for donation as a consequence for reacting so poorly.


No TV for 3 weeks instead.

Clarification:  No TV means, no video, no TV, no You Tube - not even the pistachio commerical, no video means just that - none.



Further clarification:  You do know this means when you go to Grandma's for Easter, there will be NO TV.  And you do understand that this time period includes the entire week you are off for Spring Break.  That means 5 days you would NORMALLY be in school - there will be no TV.

None.  Whatsoever.

Further Contemplation...


Alright then... We have a deal...

And because Mommy realizes you have no real concept of how long this is, I will offer to let you revert to the initial suggested consequence, should you decide this wasn't really the best idea.

We are 5 days in, and so far so good.  You are doing great with taking charge to keep yourself busy and not whining about no TV.

Love you!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Oh kiddo, by the time you read this, I wonder if you will know the song I played on it title to create today's blog title.

I am so crazy busy right now... It has been total chaos over the past couple of weeks, then adding I'm working downtown you are just all out of sorts.  I felt so bad tonight when you started bawling over basically nothing.  I know your heart was sad, but man kiddo - small things in the big picture. 

But it also was good, it made me stop and just be with you.  Walking in tonight at your bedtime from an evening of you & daddy equaled Mommy tossing you into the shower, followed by spelling words, followed by sight book and finally a fun book.  At no point was there the normal decompress time to say "how was your day?"

My mind was already back on work.  Work that when I sat down to do, was pushed aside for political hot potato.  I HATE that.  I hate that I short changed our time, and still did not accomplish what I set out to complete tonight.

And now... Now I am just tired.  So I am going to wrap this up - make sure all boxes are checked to ensure you are ready for a daddy managed morning - then I'm heading to bed.  But I will admit, your unwillingness to give up time with me - even if it is sleeping time - makes it hard to sign off because you are so adorable asleep beside me on the couch.

Tomorrow night will not be much better with mommy taking time to get her hair done - but Friday through Sunday... Bud they are your days.  With Daddy around, this should be a spectacular weekend. 

#one more week till Spring Break#


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ahh... Another busy time closed... Time to think...


I love Spring.  I love every thing about it.  Okay, so maybe I could live without the whole - snow, rain, mud, snow, ice, rain, mud, melt, mud, etc. cycle we are in.  But otherwise, I love it.

I love flowers blooming.  I love weather above 30 degrees.  I am looking forward to summer.  I am looking forward to our plans this year.  I am looking forward to all parts of it.  Okay, so maybe not the part of missing my bud one night a week (for ~ 10 weeks), but I know he is looking forward to it.  He is going to have one terrific summer. 

And Spring will lead us into it.

With the forecast over, it is time to start planning... Time to kick it off. 

And J is one excited little boy.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's close...

I'm in the heart of close for February... Realizing we are finally getting our first real snows in the same month I'm thinking Spring. 



And this summer, at J's urging, I'm looking into creating a garden for our family.  J suggested strawberries, as I told him we had to eat what we grew... I suggest red peppers.  Oh, and corn. 

Now, for looking at how to make this happen - Grandpa P (HINT, HINT)... And other ideas of what to grow. 


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day... Snow Day...

Yesterday was crazy.  School was called Monday night in preparation of snow.  I mean, we are in March here, with barely any snow to date...

So I guess it was time.  And in all fairness, it did get bad enough during the day they sent us home 3:30pm, so I was able to join the boys.  Granted, it was almost 5 by the time I got home, still 5 is better than 6.  :)

Jacob had a blast at home with daddy.  He played, watched movies, and just generally had a blast.  Daddy even gave him a good work out in the snow. 

During the day, J sent me sweet text messages of love and missing me.  Of our puppy in the midst of falling asleep.
When I got home, he had a special surprise for me.  He had taken a baggie, taped it to the gumball machine and put in sugar free gum.  It was a small, but oh so thoughtful gesture that totally melted my heart.  We agreed, once the gumballs are gone, we will be replacing it with sugar free gum. 

I love him so much.

After dinner, we had fun working on some math.  My mom tells stories about me choosing to work on math when I was kiddo, so I love to see J follow in my footsteps.  He was so excited to do it with me.  We even did some more BEFORE school today. 
I LOVE to watch him learn and grow.

Mommy's most awesome little man.

Monday, March 4, 2013


This past weekend, we just simply decompressed.  Slowed down and caught our collective breath. 

It. was. awesome.

Seriously... I'm glad we did that, and I hope we take advantage of it more in the future.  It was hard for J to be so simply lazy.  He & I are just not wired that way.  Hence, the disaster that was our basement this morning.  But in under fifteen minutes, I had it cleaned, leaving me plenty of time to grab a thirty minute workout on the elliptical.  Great way to start my week.

That said, the best way to end my weekend was this:

A monkey reading.  Reading whole pages.  Granted they are early reader one sentence pages, but he was doing it.  And since this was a new book, I know it was not one of those "I've memorized it, so I'm reading it", but real sound out words reading.

My excitement was contagious.

Jacob said at the end, can we do another book tomorrow night?  Then you can read me more about Fried Worms.

I love him so much my heart feels like it is going to explode at times.

Friday, March 1, 2013

What we are reading around our house lately...

This morning, I learned...

Today is... NEAs Read Across America

Who knew?

Since I LOVE reading, and thankfully Jacob seems to be following in my footsteps, I thought it would be good to post some of the books we've been reading.  We go back and forth on J's books for whether they are hard/soft or the electronic version.  I want him to experience the awesomeness of a book, while enjoying the snuggling in bed reading a good book with the lights out.  So far, our balance has worked.  :-)

Stink & Judy Moody Series (completed through book 4)
Roscoe Riley Rules (completed book 1)
How to Eat Fried Worms (he's eaten the first worm - YAY!)

On my own, I've have been sucked - literally sucked into a-new-to-me Author...

Allison Brennan.  Oh my gosh, I cannot say enough about how much I LOVE her books.  They are fast paced, and literally have been keeping me on the elliptical since before Christmas vacation.  I'm so excited. 

Currently, I'm primarily reading (as in when I'm not working out, and considering the past week I've had a head cold I haven't worked out either) - Detroit: An American Autopsy and wow... Just wow.  Having lived in the Strohs building apartments in the late 1990's, I saw the hope and possibility of Detroit.  GM taking over the RenCen.  Builders coming back to Detroit creating attractive downtown condos.  There was whispers of what could be...  So when I got lost a couple of years ago coming from the Northeast Suburbs, I grabbed interstate 94 to take through the heart of Detroit towards my ultimate goal in the middle of the state.  My heart was broken from what I saw.  I told my parents, I was truly shocked at how devastated it is.  Any hope seen has been replaced with boards, or worse - simple deterioration.  Reading this book is taking me through all of what I saw.  Knowing most of what is written was previously reported in the local Detroit News, I'm sure it will not shock locals, but for me - having moved away it has been eye opening.  My biggest shock is the devastation to our local Police and Fire Departments in the boots on the ground levels.  My thoughts and prayers go out to them trying to do an honest job daily.

Another good book I read this year, was Hopeless.  I picked it up on the suggestion from my FB app "Kindle Daily Deals".  I was sucking down Allison Brennan's books so quickly, I truly felt I needed to slow down.  I had no expectations, and yet this one made such a huge impact on me.  I'm not sure how I feel about it being teen lit, considering I'm going to be a *please wait* mom, but from an intensity and complexity of emotions - I loved it.  If she had aged the characters, I don't believe it would have made such an impact on me.