Thursday, March 28, 2013

You make me laugh...

Kiddo, you crack me up.  Daily.  Belly laughs.  Here are some of your more recent chuckle moments.

Mom you know what'd be really cool?

No - what?

If Mr. Kyle's name was just Kyle.

It is.

What?  Why do I have to call him Mr. Kyle.

Cause it's polite.

Awweee Mannnnn.


Hey Mom...  I was once in your belly because you ate me.

yeah... Not going there yet.

In a discussion of healthy vs. non-healthy foods...

French fries are un-healthy. (1 min delay) Well, they do come from potatoes, and potatoes are vegetables.  And vegetables are healthy.  So they are sorta healthy.

Mom, when I get big.  Like 6, will I be able to drive a car like you?


In a discussion about my childhood...

Wow mom.  You are REALLY old.  What are you - like 90?


In a discussion about getting your picture taken with the E. Bunny...

Daddy asked if you were too old for that.

The look of horror on your face I believe matched mine, as I kicked daddy under the table.

Needless to say, we have a date with said Bunny tomorrow after school.


Speaking of the Easter Bunny... What would you like this year?

Well... I'll give you a hint. 
I do it in the pool. 
Pirates Shoot it.
It starts with a "K" sound.

A cannon ball.

Nope.  No more guesses for you!

.... Next morning ....

Sorry mom... No more guesses.  It's between me & the bunny. 

(enter guilty grin) okay, okay.  I'll let you guess.


(happy grin) Maybe... I'm not telling.

Whew... Way too much work.  Maybe you are getting to old.

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