Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Norovirus Epedmeic 2014

It all starts with a call from the school... stating - a significant number of students were absent from school, or sent home early due to being ill at school.

Oh - fun - crap!  It's business planning.

That's the first thought as a working parent in the midst of "cannot miss time at work".  It's honest.

Instead of leaving anything to chance - I do the next thing a working parent does.  Contact fellow parent and develop a backup plan.  Contact said backup support and ensure they are free, willing and able to help...

The headcount absences have varied depending on the source, but round numbers seem to fall in and around this:

Wednesday - 129
Thursday - 250
Friday - 169

That's of 464 students.

Over half of J's class was out on Thursday.

Thankfully, J did not seem to be subjected to it.  I think this is the one positive to his still sucking his thumb when tired, because his is crazy good about keeping his hands clean.  First thing he does upon getting in the car from school, martial arts, etc - grabs a Wet One.

And like that... We say a prayer of thanks, and move on with life. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Is Heaven for Real?

Oh, those wonderful TV commericals...

Right after our first visit to Crossroads, J saw a commerical for the movie "Is Heaven for Real?".  He immediately began requesting to watch it. 

At first, I kind of blew it off - not sure I wanted to go there with him just yet.  Of course it is for real.  That's where Great Grandparents and our dogs have gone.  They live at a prime age.  No arthritis pain or memory loss - just everyone at their prime - living joyfully.

But he kept asking.  Sometimes totally out of the blue. 

So, being the bookworm I am, let's read the book, so I could get a feel for what it says before sharing with him.  Only, the book had some pretty negative reviews that I really did not want to share with J at his tender age.

Option 2 - the movie.

I reached out to my friends on Facebook, and got back wide-spread, resounding - share with J. 

So this weekend, we did.  And we were entranced.

I liked it backed up what we've taught him.  It reinforced Heaven is indeed for real.  That children have had the opportunity to see him, and still be here on Earth is confusing, and honestly - I think a tad over his head - since he hasn't asked a lot of questions.  I'm expecting the first to be - Why?  Why that child and not me?

And I won't lie, I question that as well.

But I'm glad to see God still opens doors to reinforce Faith of the Masses.  We have to believe in what we can't see.  It's an amazing thing.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Small blessings - Sleep

Monkey hates to sleep.  HATES it.  NEEDS it.  And still hates it.

He also hates to get up in the morning.

So early bedtimes are a must in my world.  Whether he wants them or not...

Currently, I am going into my slam busy time at work.  Thankfully, I am less slammed this year than I have been in past years at this time, but slammed nonetheless.  So a tired boy on Sunday = an early bedtime.

As we wound down & crawled in for our bedtime snuggles... J's eyes spotted the neighbor girls outside playing.

Granted it was 6:35, an hour before any normal best case bedtime. 

Oh my... I thought we were going to lose our mind.  He waited a few minutes, and looked again - thankfully the 5 year old next door was not visible.  So he only saw the two 4 year olds from across the street.  To which he replied... They were lucky they didn't have school in the morning. 

And with the *knowledge* of the 5 year not being seen, therefore must have also been called in for bedtime, J was peacefully and blissfully asleep by 7:05pm.

When I woke him up this morning at 6:15, he did not have to be drug out of bed.  He hopped out ready to start the day.

And that is such a sweet blessing to start my 12 consecutive day work week, I'm just going to be thankful for small blessings.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sunshine on a rough day...

This week, I received a phone call from J's teacher.

During a water break of his martial arts, I asked him...

What would you say, if I told you Miss B called me today?

Um... I'd say - I was bad today.

His utter and complete honesty was made my next reveal more heartwarming than I can possibly capture into words.

She did say the entire class had a rough day listening and following directions, but that she was calling because wanted to give you kudos for being the only one out of 24 kids to say "I'm sorry" for said obnoxiousness.

Later when he listened to the full voicemail, he was so happy.  He was proud of being recognized for his manners, even after a rough day.

I'm so happy he, 100% on his own, thought to be thoughtful and apologetic.  I'm even happier his teacher knew to acknowledge that fact.

Small victories can be huge in the life of a 6 year old.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lifetime Goals

As a parent, I've always wanted the *best* for J.  What does that mean though? 

I used to think it was about being successful in life equaled grades today and financial success tomorrow.  It's quantitative.  We can measure success on a standardized basis.

Now, I'm leaning more toward this quote I read in a #DaveDaily

You'll never be happy if you chase money all your life.  Find real joy through giving and serving others.

What is really wild about this, in listening to those Crossroads Church past sermons, I heard one on trusting God.  I could probably give more to the Church, if I truly trusted God would ensure I had enough. 

I'm not thinking all crazy, but how many times have I given less than I could afford, preferring to save that money for a material possession that loses its appeal in a heartbeat?  I don't want that for J.  I think my quest to calm my wanton heart was sparked by a little boy who always asks for more toys, even though he has some not even opened yet at home.

It was eye opening for me.

My reaction initially was less than stellar parenting.  When I trusted in God and asked for His guidance, and working with Mr. M - my reaction has mellowed.  In response, I've noticed a real change in J as well.  Last week, we were shopping for gifts for birthday parties he was attending.  He without reservation, was completely okay with leaving his beloved toy section with gifts for his friends, and none for himself.  He did so happily.

This week I was complimented on his manners.  I shared that with him.  I saw the joy it gave him.  I hope I can keep instilling in him the real things that matter, and temper those worldly materialistic traps.

Money does not buy happiness.  It does not buy a hug or bedtime snuggle.  It makes life easier, but if we truly trust in God to ensure we have enough - then it shouldn't be the measure we use to determine success.  Maybe that needs to be looked at through the qualitative measures we can so easily and often overlook.

I pray that J finds success in life.  Success that only living to honor God can bring.  Then I will be assured J will not only find success, but happiness and peace as well.