Monday, October 6, 2014

Small blessings - Sleep

Monkey hates to sleep.  HATES it.  NEEDS it.  And still hates it.

He also hates to get up in the morning.

So early bedtimes are a must in my world.  Whether he wants them or not...

Currently, I am going into my slam busy time at work.  Thankfully, I am less slammed this year than I have been in past years at this time, but slammed nonetheless.  So a tired boy on Sunday = an early bedtime.

As we wound down & crawled in for our bedtime snuggles... J's eyes spotted the neighbor girls outside playing.

Granted it was 6:35, an hour before any normal best case bedtime. 

Oh my... I thought we were going to lose our mind.  He waited a few minutes, and looked again - thankfully the 5 year old next door was not visible.  So he only saw the two 4 year olds from across the street.  To which he replied... They were lucky they didn't have school in the morning. 

And with the *knowledge* of the 5 year not being seen, therefore must have also been called in for bedtime, J was peacefully and blissfully asleep by 7:05pm.

When I woke him up this morning at 6:15, he did not have to be drug out of bed.  He hopped out ready to start the day.

And that is such a sweet blessing to start my 12 consecutive day work week, I'm just going to be thankful for small blessings.

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