Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break Pics part 2

After spending day 1 of Spring Break at the White Sox home opener.  Then day 2 {cold} fishing as the big outing of the day.

Day 3 was welcomed with the Sun shining and smiles all around.  Spring fever was in the air, and getting outside was the order of the day.

But it was a little cold, so Miss Cheryl & J took time to build a site word book for J out of his Highlight's magazine.

He's so proud!

 Then they made some jiggle jello to make shapes out of later.
 J loves helping in the kitchen.
 Followed by burning some energy on the trampoline.
 Then bubble mowing.
 Followed by bikes... then... then... then...

Needless to say, J wanted to do every.single.outdoor activity he owns.  Fresh air and outside play made him one happy boy.

He was so proud of the heart cutout - it had to be the dessert he got after dinner.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break pics part 1

I LOVE Miss Cheryl.

Love her.

Not only because I trust her to make sure you are well cared for, loved in my abscensce, but also worked with on the tried and true Reading, wRiting and aRrithmatic.

This year you spent your Spring Break with her, and probably would not have had more fun if we were in Florida, considering temps there did not reach 80.

We had cold, but pretty weather.  You two spent time being spoiled by Mr. Bryan.  Time fishing.  Playing.  Also, time working on your words.  Doing spelling.  Doing math.

But the biggest reason I love Miss Cheryl today...

She shares pictures.  Lots of them.

Some how she knew mommy was really missing being there for your time off of school.  She included me in your daily activities with text updates and lots and lots of pictures.

Mommy love!

Monday, April 8, 2013

White Sox Home Opener

Daddy lucked out.

Big time.

I doubt next year will be so lucky, but a mommy can hope.

See, daddy announced to J - with ZERO discussion with Mommy - the boys were starting a father/son tradition.

A school skipping tradition.

A thing of Chicago Legend and Pride.

A family tradition.

A day off school to attend the White Sox home opener.
J was over the moon.

What better way to start Spring Break.  okay, so it was a week ago...

Whew.  A discussion for another day.

Today however, J made the day...

Daddy:  "J are you hungry?"

(insert contemplative look)

Daddy:  "Dude, it's a hot dog - Yes or No."

J:  "Well... Am I paying for it or are you?"

Daddy:  (laugh) "It's dinner - Mommy & I can get this."

J:  "Alright then - I'll take two with a pop."

I guess my lessons on saving money are working.  And this is translating over into grocery shopping as well.  He will think long and hard about whether he wants to buy something with his own money or not.  I use it on ANYTHING I don't want to buy from books, to toys, to Oreos.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Easter Fail

How does one make a 5 year old question the bunny? 

Glowing bubbles.

How does glowing bubbles = a 5 year old questioning the bunny?

Oh - the big $2.99 sticker price on it.

One inquisitive and overly observant little boy noticed this minor detail upon pouring through his basket.

Mom - Look he says!!  Does the bunny pay in bunny bills? 

He found it hilarious, if not truly puzzling.

Mom has learned - MUST BE MORE OBSERVANT.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

I'm not sure about anyone else, but man - oh - man did Easter sneak up on me.


Totally snuck up on me. 

I did not even think about decorating until AFTER Good Friday.


Thankfully, I had shopped for J's Easter outfit last fall, so he was all set to go. 

After school Friday, we visited the Bunny.  It was so nice to do that with Daddy.  I know J was as excited as I was to have him around all weekend for all our festivities.
We did Eggs on Saturday.

Bunny Visited Saturday Night.  Mommy was delighted to see the Bunny limited the candy loot this year in favor of vending machine little toys.

Also, he must have known J was starting Spring Break, as he brought him the requested - Cannon Blaster.  He also added to his dinosaur collection.  T-Rex was so happy to have friends he came to the party.  J was a little distressed by this, I won't lie.  Kind of made me chuckle.

The best adds though, the Space and Dinosaur books.  J is so totally *in to* both of these topics, the Bunny did a great job with finding good grow into books. 

Then off to see Grandma & Grandpa M on Sunday.  I'll have to post, but Grandma M has her own little Super J now.  The cape & shirt could not be more adorable.

Today is back to work Monday for me, but the boys are stealing one last day before J officially kicks off Spring Break with Miss Cheryl.

Boys took in the first (of many I am told) White Sox home openers.

....Love these life making moments....