Friday, November 30, 2012

Yep... Vacation is over...

Thankfully, however, I am still relaxed.  I think it is because I know I have only 3 more working weeks until a full 2 week vacation.  I AM SO EXCITED.

As is Monkey boy.

For now though, we are busy shopping, most done at this point... So I'm left with Christmas Cards, artistic gifts and Mr. M's.

Life is good.

The other thing though, as we were working on J's spelling words this week (be, car, can & call), I was shocked at how quickly they clicked this week.  How grown up he is becoming.  How different his life is from the one I had growing up.

Please be clear - I'm not saying different as good or bad, but simply different.

The world has changed, and our childhood differences reflects that to a large extent.

I certainly was not doing spelling tests in age 4 preschool.  The first I recall was 2nd grade & my mom bribed me with a big pack of Big Red gum.  With J, working on them is just what we do...  A cookie here or a walk down to his room instead of dropping him off at the gym & having him be responsible for taking his stuff to class... Small stuff, but encourages him to practice on the words every day.

Then when we read together, watching the words come alive for him as they click.  As they settle into his little brain & form sentences he knows is amazing.

I love him....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 - Mom & Son Night Out

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE J's school not only has the "Father/Daughter Dance", but they also do a "Mother / Son Night Out". 

I understand it used to be a dance as well, but since a majority of the attendance is mom's with younger sons or moms of multiple sons, they changed it to a night out event all ages can enjoy.

I so look forward to this night & mark off my calendar as soon as the school calendar is published each year.  :-)

This year we had a science extravaganza.  It was so much fun!

Our host was absolutely awesome with kiddos.
They were entranced by his chemicals...
And the reactions the chemicals would create.

J and I came home elated & exhausted.  What wonderfully happy memories we created for another year.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Prior to vacation, I was burned.out.  Totally.

J & I were doing all the things we normally do - play soccer, do laundry, see family, grocery shop, etc, etc, etc...

But me.  Here.  Mentally was a total fail. 

Work was too consuming, then with all the growing/learning J is doing, it was even more consuming.  I just did not have the energy or capacity to give any more than I absolutely had too...

So here we are...

Me playing catchup again... Sigh. 

A happy, stress relieved me though.

A rejuvenated me.

J and I spent the Holiday break in Marco Island with my parents.  It was a little cold, but otherwise exactly what I needed.  Exactly what little man needed. 

And if there was any question:  
taken at 1:14am on our way home... Totally answers it, doesn't it?

He was an awesome road trip buddy.  With the exception of one true meltdown on the way down to Marco, Jacob rocked as my car buddy.  I do think it did help that on the way home Grandpa drove most of it so I could cater to J & keep him happy. 

After several days of struggling with meltdowns, he was back to his normal self.  Back to listening & following directions and generally being a great kid.

He needed downtime.

He needed mommy & me time.

He needed fun in the sun.

He enjoyed time with Grandma & Grandpa.

He needed Marco as badly as Mommy.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pumpkin Patch & Olga's

Rounding out our last trip to Michigan this year, J & I visited a pumpkin patch & Olga's with Grandma & Grandpa.

Mommy LOVES Olga's, and thankful they have food J will eat as well.  And J liking it, has even grandpa joining us.  Double win.
And we were all hungry after our busy day at Home Depot, followed by a trip to the pumpkin patch for pumpkins and squash.  We have been loving the various squash roasted in chunks in olive oil and sea salt.
It has been a wonderful fall to date.  Heading into Thanksgiving, we are focusing on being *thankful* as we have so much to celebrate.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Home Depot Project - Fire Safety

In honor of Fire Safety month, Home Depot had the local fire station join them for the monthly children's project in October. 

J had a blast climbing all over the police car and fire truck.  Talking to both the Policemen and Firemen there offering coloring books and crayons to the kids visiting.  My mom pointed out the "In Memory" on the side of the truck, and J promptly asked the fireman how did those guys die.  More importantly, are they in heaven? 
I felt bad for the fireman, who was rather stumped, but he handled it well agreeing with my responses. 
J had a blast doing his activity with mommy & grandpa. 
 Although, he is very much in a "I can do it myself" phase.

There were smiles all around. We will definitely do this again!

Monday, November 5, 2012

2012's Christmas List

I'd like to pause & forget the fact I've been totally disconnected the past week and a half - really most of October, if we are honest.  I've just been in a writer's funk.  I think life has just been so full, when I needed to make room - this was the casuality... 

But I will come back... I have Halloween pictures to add.  Home Depot projects to write about.  Awesome J stories.

That said, with Halloween passed on our calendar, J & I decided to tackle the first ever List for Santa.  We had so much fun doing this together with Daddy.  J was so proud to work on writing it on his own. 

Spelling tests are doing wonders for him actively wanting to learn how to write all the words in the world now.  :)

It was a combination effort, but boy was he one proud boy!