Monday, November 5, 2012

2012's Christmas List

I'd like to pause & forget the fact I've been totally disconnected the past week and a half - really most of October, if we are honest.  I've just been in a writer's funk.  I think life has just been so full, when I needed to make room - this was the casuality... 

But I will come back... I have Halloween pictures to add.  Home Depot projects to write about.  Awesome J stories.

That said, with Halloween passed on our calendar, J & I decided to tackle the first ever List for Santa.  We had so much fun doing this together with Daddy.  J was so proud to work on writing it on his own. 

Spelling tests are doing wonders for him actively wanting to learn how to write all the words in the world now.  :)

It was a combination effort, but boy was he one proud boy!

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