Friday, November 30, 2012

Yep... Vacation is over...

Thankfully, however, I am still relaxed.  I think it is because I know I have only 3 more working weeks until a full 2 week vacation.  I AM SO EXCITED.

As is Monkey boy.

For now though, we are busy shopping, most done at this point... So I'm left with Christmas Cards, artistic gifts and Mr. M's.

Life is good.

The other thing though, as we were working on J's spelling words this week (be, car, can & call), I was shocked at how quickly they clicked this week.  How grown up he is becoming.  How different his life is from the one I had growing up.

Please be clear - I'm not saying different as good or bad, but simply different.

The world has changed, and our childhood differences reflects that to a large extent.

I certainly was not doing spelling tests in age 4 preschool.  The first I recall was 2nd grade & my mom bribed me with a big pack of Big Red gum.  With J, working on them is just what we do...  A cookie here or a walk down to his room instead of dropping him off at the gym & having him be responsible for taking his stuff to class... Small stuff, but encourages him to practice on the words every day.

Then when we read together, watching the words come alive for him as they click.  As they settle into his little brain & form sentences he knows is amazing.

I love him....

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