Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bunny Visit Reward

I really wanted J to visit the Bunny this year.  He was so funny because he knew he wanted to ask him for scissors.  Why?  Well, we think because Grandpa P taught him "rock, paper, scissors" while waiting for our seats at Outback. 

At least we hope, as J announced "I want to cut you Mommy!" with all the exuberance of a 3-year-old.

And I should note, he has had a blast cutting, cutting, and more cutting of construction paper the Bunny brought to encourage proper cutting.

Afterwards, we had to go shopping for Mr. M's birthday gift.  On the way, J spotted this, and could not wait to try it.  He has zero fear.  And yet, was totally fearful.  He was adamant he wanted to do it, so I was excited to see he just cleared the weight.  He waited his turn behind my legs watching the girl before him, but so excited he didn't want to skip his turn. 

And he jumped with the biggest smile the entire time...
but he was also ready, when his turn was completed...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spring Fun

As soon as the weather warmed up just a enough to race to the park without our jackets, J was off to the races.  He just LOVES to play outside when it is nice.  He craves days of sun & warmth, probably as much as I do.
 We've also spent quite a bit of time playing with our neighbor, as she is old enough to truly hold her own with J now...
 Although, Miss Wendy & I may already be joking about what additional security our homes may need come the pre-teen years.
 They already gang up on us... We joked this was the future Homecoming Queen with her lowly driver... :)

We've also spent quite a bit of time cleaning stuff this Spring.  We gave pretty much all of J's baby through size 3 clothes to his new cousin.  In addition, we gathered a bunch of infant/young toddler toys to donate to daycare (which keeps costs down for all), as well as bigger toys to donate to charity.  J was fascinated to see all of his stuff again in the garage waiting to be delivered to charity.  He promptly jumped in the Exersaucer... He has not played in that since around his first birthday.  He had me totally cracking up. 

Especially when he couldn't get himself back out...  :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last of the Marco pictures

J was Grandpa's little buddy from the moment we arrived in Florida for our visit until the night before we left, at which point he was ready to return home & see Daddy.

J would not go in the water for me, but holding Grandpa's hand, he walked right into the coldness.
 Although, like his mother, he preferred to play in the pool, but he loved the beach & the sand castles he built over & over again.
 Already dressed up & ready to go out to eat...
 The background is just so beautiful... It makes me want to be back now...
 The morning of our Disney trip, J was fascinated by the waffles.  They looked just like Mickey.  He had a hard time eating Mickey.  :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

May 25th, 2003

This is another catchup... I have new pictures, but I need to download them from my camera... :)

We have had a busy couple of weeks, and as a result this past weekend J just wanted to be home after being an awesome road tripper with me.  He was so excited to hold his new little cousin.  He even made a real effort to be gentle.  Best of all, he did not show any concern over the time I spent hold little Caleb. 

That said, after seeing Grandma & Grandpa P to get all kinds of love after hanging out at Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kristi's all day, J just wanted to come home.  I do have to say, that considering how hard I pushed him (as we didn't come home until Sunday morning), he did awesome.  He had a couple of meltdowns, but nothing serious or destructive.  Between the 3 of us, we were able to redirect and refocus him back to smiles.

And we came home Sunday morning to a wonderful husband and Daddy. 

Seriously, he had finished J's laundry that I had lost track of in the washer as I was getting us ready for the trip this weekend, and hand washed all the new plastic glasses I'd found.  Plus he had the pool ready for us to swim in...

On May 25th, 2003, Mr. M & I married surrounded by family & friends.  We knew then that life was not always easy or fair, but little did we know the trials or tribulations that would come our way over the next 8 years.  Nor could we conceive the joys we'd be blessed with over that same time.

The Sunday before our anniversary, Mr. M was in Vegas for a business meeting to understand how the Tsunami would affect dealer inventory levels.  J & I had a birthday party for one of his friends, and we were meeting with the prospective (now hired) nanny, Cheryl right afterwards.  Let's just say, Mr. M's surprise for me on the porch was a nice welcome for Cheryl as well.  

A small reminder to remember to pause to remember the blessed moments of "I do" that have lead us through it all and keep us strong.

J was too cute because he kept telling me how he & daddy bought these for me at that the "Grocery" store, because everything you need is found either at the grocery store or Home Depot.   

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grandpa P is home (okay, so he came home early May & I'm finally posting it...)

Since we saw both of my parents last weekend & did our first boat ride of the year, probably should mention that Grandpa P came to see us in early May when he first got home.  J was so excited for some Grandpa time.
As we had opened our pool the week before, having no idea it would go so cold again, J was running around showing grandpa his new goggles for the summer.  They are McQueen of course.  He kept wanting us to try them on, as he was in the sharing mood...  Naturally, we told him, we didn't think the $1.99 Walgreen's goggles were really made for adult heads...  :)
I just had to post this... He is getting sooooo big.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My little helper...

I've been making an effort to include J in the kitchen.  And I don't think there is much he enjoys more doing with me (other than playing cars), than helping me cook.  It's funny as so much is too heavy for him, but try he will...

Because he "Can do it all by" himself.
I've also been trying to help us eat a bit healthier, so making egg puffs that can be savory or sweet to eat as if they included bread, but all protein. 
J's not a huge fan of the texture, but I keep hoping that by making them with me, one day he'll eat one of these - instead of opting for the 2 scrambled + 2 crustless pieces of cinnamon whole grain toast he prefers.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Uncle Jeff & family visit prior to Caleb's arrival

Since I still need to download pictures, I'll finish up my catch up pictures... Those I missed while I hiatus...

Mallory thought jumping with the rollarcoaster would be so much more fun.
Or possibly, she just didn't like sharing it with the older kids...   :)
We are are going to meet the girl's new little brother this weekend, and I'm so excited!  J will get some more great play time with his cousins.  I hate that we live so far apart, as they have the best times together... But also, I'm anxious to meet Mr. Caleb P.
They all tried to fake naptime in McQueen.
And showed each other how to cook...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

And a change in plans...

I still have to get pics of our projects up, but along with best laid plans...

J & I woke Mr. M up at 11AM. We were jumping in the shower to get ready, and Mr. M was still snoozing a way... J had been itching to wake Daddy since he woke up bright & early with me.

Mr. M then decided, after J & I were showered & in the process of getting dressed, that as Father's Day was his day, we were staying home. He really wanted some quality alone time with J in the pool. We've had such a cold summer up to this point, that the 90 degree sunny/hazy day was perfect for enjoying our pool.

So that was exactly what they did. Mommy hung on the deck watching them play, just enjoying the time together.

A true celebration of Father & Son.

As a side note: J is getting to be such a strong swimmer. He is so anxious to get those wings off & do it all on his own. I think the next nice day; we'll try the kick board.

Anyway... Mr. M was thrilled with his cast hands on a stand & the poem I wrote next to one of our favorite pictures of J. Thanks so much to Grandma P for all her help in taking it from pieces into reality. Truly, I had the hands & an idea. The poem and an idea. But Grandma's dragging me off to Michael's during nap time actually helped me pull it all together.

Recipe for clay dough:

1/2 c salt
1/4 c water
1 T vegetable oil
Mix well.

1 c white flour

Mix. Add additional oil slowly as needed. I probably used an additional 1/2 T.

After melding design, bake at 250 degrees F for many hours. Ours probably went 6 to 7 hours.

Then we used water (not the best choice with oil based dough) color finger paints to go over the hands...

Happy Father's Day!

J & I celebrating today with Mr. M. 

Happy Father's Day to a wonderful and loving Daddy.  Thank you for all you do for us!

I'll add pictures & the recipe later, but for now... We need to enjoy this time with Mr. M.

And later we are headed to celebrate Uncle Jon & soon-to-be Aunt Kim's engagement. 

J is overly excited for this, as he was told to get ready to be the ring bearer...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

1st official non-emergency appointment with the Dentist

Someone was NOT excited about visiting the dentist. 
 Truly miserable, actually...
 But after arriving, he toughened up & let them get him into the chair & get him ready...
 He really liked getting a new toothbrush
 And relaxed once he got his borrowed shades to sport...
 After that he sat there like a pro!
 And we left happy!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Daddy's 40th - April 26th

J picked out the decoration for daddy's birthday cake.  Obviously the White Sox cookies influenced his choice...
 We celebrated it on Easter after the bunny celebrations were over...
 J LOVES *helping* with blowing out the candle... Daddy's day was no different.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Easter - The Day...

J made these bunny eyes at DC in school.  He was so proud.  He wanted EVERYONE to try them on, and was very sad to hear the repeated, "They are too small for me, you wear them.
 He had so much performing for us... :)
 The eggs were our centerpiece
with Grandma M & Aunt "Lucy" Liz
 Exploring his presents from Grandma & Grandpa M.  Totally looking forward to the using the buckets at the beach... It seems so weird to me that we are only half hour from the beach... I always think Florida, Texas, California for beach & yet we have an awesome one just off Lake Michigan...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just in time for Cars 2

Okay, so maybe I'm 10 days early...
And a gazillion days late on getting this posted...
This is the bed that J upgraded to for his birthday from his toddler bed. 
And he never hesitates to tell you how he grabbed a screwdriver & dove right in to help me.

Thankfully he never shares how annoyed I got after he knocked the bed apart for the umpteenth time & asked Mr. M to entertain him for a bit so I could finish.
Instead, he just keeps dancing away on it...

now if he'd just sleep there...

Monday, June 13, 2011

A night of art...

This past year we've worked with J on learning to stay within the lines when coloring.  He is starting to get better, but he is so funny as he gets partial to a color & only wants to use that color. 
It is really helping this dyed in the wool conservative live outside the lines learning sometimes things can be all pink & still be perfect.  Even Elmo looks like Elmo when he is pink.
And really, just seeing that smile & focused concentration is awesome...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Easter Morning

While Grandma M has had eggs for J to look for when we get there, he hasn't gotten the concept that they are a HUGE part of Easter morning.  Or at least the whole idea of looking for them...
This year, the bunny, must have decided J was old enough to start to grasp the idea & the fun of it.  As we had a dozen eggs for this boy to find.  Most of them were sticker or putty filled, but there were a couple of Mr. M's favorite Cadburry eggs.
J did take some breaks to enjoy some of the big hits from his basket though too... Bubbles. 
And the alligator balloon...
He was soo confused by Mr. M trying to get him to keep looking after he'd found most of the eggs.  He couldn't believe there were more.  Next year he'll probably wonder why more were not left...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"I'm going to cut you"

J wanted only one thing this year... He wanted scissors. 

While we were in Marco, my Dad & I taught him Rock, Paper, Scissors.  It was a way to kill the obnoxious amount of time we spent waiting on dinner (& that was WITH call ahead... Busy season is nuts down there)

And that would be how J got the idea he could *cut* me with scissors, and it'd be okay.  I loved how he wanted such a simple thing.  And made a HUGE deal out of it.  It was that desire that actually landed a him out of my arms & on the Bunny's lap.  He was more desperate to ask for the scissors than he was to stay solidly locked in my arms.  :)

The Bunny did something new this year.  He left a basket with J's name on it.  This is a special reusable basket. 

A basket that next year, J will be encouraged to fill with toys & candy to donate to the less fortunate.  J has been so lovingly blessed by family, I've introduced The Giving Tree by Shell Silversteen and had him help me clean the basement this year to prepare to trim his toys & clothes for donation.  I want him to learn the joys of giving back to society.
Obviously, the Bunny has a special spot for J...
And I'm sure her heart sored when she saw how happy this boy was ignoring all his true toys to spend hours in bed with Mommy & Daddy learning the proper handling & technique for scissors. 
And it would be her own fault that he inhaled too much candy.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Easter Egg Painting

Mr. M was so excited for J to be old enough to participate in egg coloring this year.  He surprised us with buying the package as soon as they were available at the store & holding it till it was time.
Daddy hardened the eggs & got everything ready... Even picked J up from school after nap on a Tuesday (his scheduled day off, that he generally ends up working) & surprised me by having me come straight home to join the fun.
And fun it was...
J was so excited this year, so next should even be better as he is bigger & will grasp the concept a bit more...
It was messy, but oh so much fun...