Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grandpa P is home (okay, so he came home early May & I'm finally posting it...)

Since we saw both of my parents last weekend & did our first boat ride of the year, probably should mention that Grandpa P came to see us in early May when he first got home.  J was so excited for some Grandpa time.
As we had opened our pool the week before, having no idea it would go so cold again, J was running around showing grandpa his new goggles for the summer.  They are McQueen of course.  He kept wanting us to try them on, as he was in the sharing mood...  Naturally, we told him, we didn't think the $1.99 Walgreen's goggles were really made for adult heads...  :)
I just had to post this... He is getting sooooo big.

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  1. He IS getting so big! I can't believe it!

    And he looks so beyond excited to see grandpa!