Saturday, June 11, 2011

"I'm going to cut you"

J wanted only one thing this year... He wanted scissors. 

While we were in Marco, my Dad & I taught him Rock, Paper, Scissors.  It was a way to kill the obnoxious amount of time we spent waiting on dinner (& that was WITH call ahead... Busy season is nuts down there)

And that would be how J got the idea he could *cut* me with scissors, and it'd be okay.  I loved how he wanted such a simple thing.  And made a HUGE deal out of it.  It was that desire that actually landed a him out of my arms & on the Bunny's lap.  He was more desperate to ask for the scissors than he was to stay solidly locked in my arms.  :)

The Bunny did something new this year.  He left a basket with J's name on it.  This is a special reusable basket. 

A basket that next year, J will be encouraged to fill with toys & candy to donate to the less fortunate.  J has been so lovingly blessed by family, I've introduced The Giving Tree by Shell Silversteen and had him help me clean the basement this year to prepare to trim his toys & clothes for donation.  I want him to learn the joys of giving back to society.
Obviously, the Bunny has a special spot for J...
And I'm sure her heart sored when she saw how happy this boy was ignoring all his true toys to spend hours in bed with Mommy & Daddy learning the proper handling & technique for scissors. 
And it would be her own fault that he inhaled too much candy.

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