Monday, June 6, 2011


During soccer, Mommy was a bit stressed.  J would get discouraged if he was not the one with the ball.  He started out so strong, but as the weeks progressed the less enthused J was about going to play each week.

It was so bad, I almost didn't sign him up for t-ball.  In fact, Mr. M did it at the last moment.  And I'm so happy that he did.

J had a blast.  He was so attentive each week, even the week his Grandma M & Aunt Liz came to watch.  Okay, so maybe he kept visiting with them, but he was so happy they came to see him play.
I think t-ball was such a hit for him, because parents, i.e. Me, played WITH him.  He loved that interaction and quality time stolen in moments of structured learning.  Me too.
When it was for the season to be over, we were really sad, but definitely looking forward to next spring already.

And yes, J is already counting down till basketball next fall/early winter...

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