Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spring Fun

As soon as the weather warmed up just a enough to race to the park without our jackets, J was off to the races.  He just LOVES to play outside when it is nice.  He craves days of sun & warmth, probably as much as I do.
 We've also spent quite a bit of time playing with our neighbor, as she is old enough to truly hold her own with J now...
 Although, Miss Wendy & I may already be joking about what additional security our homes may need come the pre-teen years.
 They already gang up on us... We joked this was the future Homecoming Queen with her lowly driver... :)

We've also spent quite a bit of time cleaning stuff this Spring.  We gave pretty much all of J's baby through size 3 clothes to his new cousin.  In addition, we gathered a bunch of infant/young toddler toys to donate to daycare (which keeps costs down for all), as well as bigger toys to donate to charity.  J was fascinated to see all of his stuff again in the garage waiting to be delivered to charity.  He promptly jumped in the Exersaucer... He has not played in that since around his first birthday.  He had me totally cracking up. 

Especially when he couldn't get himself back out...  :)

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