Sunday, June 19, 2011

And a change in plans...

I still have to get pics of our projects up, but along with best laid plans...

J & I woke Mr. M up at 11AM. We were jumping in the shower to get ready, and Mr. M was still snoozing a way... J had been itching to wake Daddy since he woke up bright & early with me.

Mr. M then decided, after J & I were showered & in the process of getting dressed, that as Father's Day was his day, we were staying home. He really wanted some quality alone time with J in the pool. We've had such a cold summer up to this point, that the 90 degree sunny/hazy day was perfect for enjoying our pool.

So that was exactly what they did. Mommy hung on the deck watching them play, just enjoying the time together.

A true celebration of Father & Son.

As a side note: J is getting to be such a strong swimmer. He is so anxious to get those wings off & do it all on his own. I think the next nice day; we'll try the kick board.

Anyway... Mr. M was thrilled with his cast hands on a stand & the poem I wrote next to one of our favorite pictures of J. Thanks so much to Grandma P for all her help in taking it from pieces into reality. Truly, I had the hands & an idea. The poem and an idea. But Grandma's dragging me off to Michael's during nap time actually helped me pull it all together.

Recipe for clay dough:

1/2 c salt
1/4 c water
1 T vegetable oil
Mix well.

1 c white flour

Mix. Add additional oil slowly as needed. I probably used an additional 1/2 T.

After melding design, bake at 250 degrees F for many hours. Ours probably went 6 to 7 hours.

Then we used water (not the best choice with oil based dough) color finger paints to go over the hands...

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