Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MSU brainwashing has begun...

Need I say more?

J cannot wait to wear his "Just like Grandpa" green with white 'S' hat, his sweatshirt and his basketball uniform.

Even Daddy, with all of his U of IL loyal blue & orange, had to chuckle at J so proudly showing off his MSU gear.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The littlest Jet Skier

Last summer, Mr. M kindly surprised Grandma & Grandpa P with this jet ski, in hopes of providing more fun for J as he got bigger.  He wasn't quite big enough last summer to enjoy it.
While J was ready to roll, as soon as he saw it, Mommy was a lot more nervous.  Still my father's daughter, I had complete trust in him taking J out, even if I was scared to death I'd dump it with him on it.
Lucky for me, Grandpa dumped it for me, so I didn't have to worry... J thought it was great & they hadn't even left the dock yet.  :)
They were off!  Grandma & I held our breath, mine with fear - knowing I was next. 
Relaxing every time they made a pass, as J kept wearing the biggest smile I'd seen since introducing him to Mickey & Minnie over Spring Break.
Mommy did bone up & after running a good run on her own, I took J with me & let the jet ski fly.  It really made me understand why people who ride motorcycles enjoy them as much as they do.  I love being out there.  I love sharing the natural sites (geese, trees broken in the tornado, etc) with J. 
And possibly, I may have loved it a bit more on my own, when I can really sprout my wings.  And yes, that would be how I ended up dumping it, before it could dump me, causing J to nag grandpa they had to rescue Mommy before she died.

And yes, I did even manage to make it back on the jet ski & come ashore all on my own.  Very bruised, but also very proud of that fact.

And the tell-tale sign J was done...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Lake Time

We've spent a ton of time enjoying my last summer of 3 day weekends.  This means lots & lots of miles have been logged between Northwest Indy & the Grandparentals lake home.

J has been getting a taste of lake water.

Mommy has been getting pampered.  See, while I'm still firmly the parent of Jacob around my parents (i.e. staying out of a meltdown), they jump to action when a redirection is offered.  They will grant me time to relax & read, or sleep when needed - all while entertaining a certain little boy.
This has done wonders for my mental sanity, as someone has been challenging every direction of late.  Happily asking for his Daddy or other his other grandparents upon receiving time out or some other punishment.
Best part, there is so much for him to do, tossing the baseball, riding his bike, swimming, boating, jet skiing, running down to look at the corn fields, or just gaze at the trees to determine what is living in them... He burns excesses of energy leading to great naps & to reenergize this little boy into happy smiles...
...and squeals of joy!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

1st day of School

All uniformed up and ready to go...

Letting me take pictures?  Not so much...
J came home bubbling with news of how much fun he had & how excited he was to go back on Friday.  Mrs Bach raved about how well mannered he was, and that made this momma proud!

He cracked me up after school when I mentioned it was time to change to play clothes, he strongly stated "No, I want to wear my uniform!" 

After a mini-meltdown, he changed and sulked to school on Friday for his first casual Friday.  I have to remember to be glad he wants to wear his uniform today, as the day will come when he wants to wear something other than the uniform & I will have to enforce it... 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Twas the night before school started and all through the house...

all creatures were stirring, never to be as quiet as a mouse.

First...  Happy Birthday to Grandma P!!!  She turned 65 today.

Why yes, things are crazy with excitement right now.  Monkey still has not grasp how different this school is going to be from what he experienced at Miss Angie's nor what he experienced earlier in August during the full day summer care program.

Until September 6th, Mr. M is in charge for the mornings.  J gets a week and half of sleeping with Mommy & Daddy.  Of waking Daddy before 7 (our rule time that he flat out ignores).  Of adding nonsense to the mornings.

On September 6th, Mommy will be starting her days at 8, thereby she will be in charge in the mornings.  I'm certain they will be filled with whining over the uniform (which I understand), whining over the lack of fun breakfast choices (which I won't understand - I hated my mom never cooked for me, so I will be cooking for him - a far cry from the gas station doughnuts he's been eating as of late), and to school for before school care by 7.

Miss Cheryl will be picking him up by 4:30 for an evening of play & dinner - with bath time starting promptly at 7, followed by books & bedtime at 7:30.  Dr. Trevor says this is doable with the activity level he'll have a school... So I'm hopeful.

And I'd be lying if I didn't ask for a few prayers to come our way right now as we make all these crazy transitions.  Life just seems to be getting busier & busier...  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

3 years, 6 months, 2 weeks old

Can you believe it?  Jacob is three and half years old.  The time has absolutely flown.  Marvelously, magically, and in the blink of an eye.

When he was born, I knew the nickname I wanted for him was J.  I loathe Jake for him, because there are simply to many in this world & I wanted something more individualized for him.

Over time nicknames have grown.  Bud, Little Man, Munchkin, Monkey, Monkey Butt, lately it has been Monks.

Last night, we had our preschool doctor's visit with Dr. Trevor.  We talked bed times, we talked school, we talked shots, as J had to get his second Chicken Pox vax per the state of Indiana.  We talked allergies.  We talked about his new school & why I picked it & why I am in love with it.  We talked about J's personality & how I have my hands full with him.  Although Dr. T did say that with a smile.

J is so looking forward to starting class & being challenged by new things & meeting new people.  Mr. M & I are so proud of him at how he is attacking this change with such enthusiasm. 

And he looks like such a gentleman when dressed in his uniform.

In one breath he is going up so quick & in the next, he is still so small with so much to learn.

I love you Jacob Matthew with all my heart & back again.

37.8 lbs
40.25 inches

Monday, August 15, 2011

Been Busy...

I have many pictures to download, but I've simply been busy lately... Work, family, J's new school, bringing the nanny on board, etc...

Good news.  J is pretty set for school.  I will do laundry this week & finish up any outstanding items from his school check list.  He looks ADORABLE in his uniform.  He loves his new school AND HE LOVES Miss Cheryl.

Mr. M & I are thrilled with both happenings...

Next week he goes back to Miss Angie's for 3 days before school actually starts.  I'm thinking it will be very bittersweet.  He already knows he loves his new school, but he also has lots of comfort with his old friends.

I just cannot believe he is already 3 & ready to start preschool.  Just yesterday I was looking at pictures from his Baptism.  Chewing on his hand as he was teething the mouth full of teeth...

J starts school August 25th.  I go back to 5 day work weeks September 6th. 

And as life changes, life goes on...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ali's Birthday

This was probably one of the last big events done with his previous daycare.  It was Ali's birthday & J was so excited to go celebrate with her.

Mainly because he kept saying his birthday was next.  Mr. M & I spend a lot of time explaining he has many birthdays before his next one.

The party was held at Bellaboo's.

And J had fun in each and every activity room...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grandparental Visit

I love summers... My Daddy Do list shrinks... :)

J loves it, because he gets all kinds of attention.

On this day, we were all dressed up for a birthday party.  J managed to get into the drywall dust grandpa had left behind from filling in the hole in his wall.
J took the following pictures with my camera... He was so proud...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

lake days

Lake days are lazy days... 
Getting fresh air & lounging.
Which equals a lot of thumb sucking, that we seriously tired to break, however, he is not ready & with the other changes, we are at a loss as to what to do...  The Thumb Guards state they are beatable for a child not ready to give it up.  Since J stated his thumb didn't taste good with the nail polish, but went right on sucking, Mr. M & I've decided he is just not ready yet.
And enjoying nature...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Grandfather's Day

First I have to point out... J's pj's are size 6.

Why yes, I was shocked too... And for some odd reason, I still looked dumbfounded when I put a pair of size 4 pants pj's on him the other day & was stumped as to why they only reached his knees & revealed his belly.

Sigh...  My fast growing little man was so proud to deliver grandpa his father's day gift. 
Definitely more excited than he was to shop for them, having melted down inside Tommy while we shopped for baby Caleb's gift.  It's hard being at school all day, then running errands at night.  I have to remember that, if I'm tired, then he must be too.
Excitement may be driven by grandpa letting him help open...
Cause then it is for him too, right?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cousin Love...

What I loved most about our visit to meet Caleb was how well the kids just melded together.  Referring to each other as cousins.  Forming bonds, that 4 hours & as many miles in between cannot break. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Meeting Caleb

and he was only 3 weeks old...
Jacob loves babies, and he adores his cousins... As a result, this little guy got loved & adored by a certain 3-year-old.
J consoling Mall's who was rather unhappy she was stuck in her seat
Proud Mommy!
Camryn & Mallory
Proud Aunt Ali
And Proud Daddy!

I have to add a couple more pictures... I was stunned at how much Caleb reminded me of Jacob... These pictures are of J...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Grandma & Grandpa P

As I mentioned... We've been spending a lot of time with Grandma & Grandpa since warm weather finally rolled in around the middle of June...

Boating & Playing

Lots & Lots of playing.