Thursday, August 18, 2011

3 years, 6 months, 2 weeks old

Can you believe it?  Jacob is three and half years old.  The time has absolutely flown.  Marvelously, magically, and in the blink of an eye.

When he was born, I knew the nickname I wanted for him was J.  I loathe Jake for him, because there are simply to many in this world & I wanted something more individualized for him.

Over time nicknames have grown.  Bud, Little Man, Munchkin, Monkey, Monkey Butt, lately it has been Monks.

Last night, we had our preschool doctor's visit with Dr. Trevor.  We talked bed times, we talked school, we talked shots, as J had to get his second Chicken Pox vax per the state of Indiana.  We talked allergies.  We talked about his new school & why I picked it & why I am in love with it.  We talked about J's personality & how I have my hands full with him.  Although Dr. T did say that with a smile.

J is so looking forward to starting class & being challenged by new things & meeting new people.  Mr. M & I are so proud of him at how he is attacking this change with such enthusiasm. 

And he looks like such a gentleman when dressed in his uniform.

In one breath he is going up so quick & in the next, he is still so small with so much to learn.

I love you Jacob Matthew with all my heart & back again.

37.8 lbs
40.25 inches

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  1. I love J too! It's actually what I've always called the DV! ;)