Monday, August 29, 2011

Lake Time

We've spent a ton of time enjoying my last summer of 3 day weekends.  This means lots & lots of miles have been logged between Northwest Indy & the Grandparentals lake home.

J has been getting a taste of lake water.

Mommy has been getting pampered.  See, while I'm still firmly the parent of Jacob around my parents (i.e. staying out of a meltdown), they jump to action when a redirection is offered.  They will grant me time to relax & read, or sleep when needed - all while entertaining a certain little boy.
This has done wonders for my mental sanity, as someone has been challenging every direction of late.  Happily asking for his Daddy or other his other grandparents upon receiving time out or some other punishment.
Best part, there is so much for him to do, tossing the baseball, riding his bike, swimming, boating, jet skiing, running down to look at the corn fields, or just gaze at the trees to determine what is living in them... He burns excesses of energy leading to great naps & to reenergize this little boy into happy smiles...
...and squeals of joy!

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