Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Twas the night before school started and all through the house...

all creatures were stirring, never to be as quiet as a mouse.

First...  Happy Birthday to Grandma P!!!  She turned 65 today.

Why yes, things are crazy with excitement right now.  Monkey still has not grasp how different this school is going to be from what he experienced at Miss Angie's nor what he experienced earlier in August during the full day summer care program.

Until September 6th, Mr. M is in charge for the mornings.  J gets a week and half of sleeping with Mommy & Daddy.  Of waking Daddy before 7 (our rule time that he flat out ignores).  Of adding nonsense to the mornings.

On September 6th, Mommy will be starting her days at 8, thereby she will be in charge in the mornings.  I'm certain they will be filled with whining over the uniform (which I understand), whining over the lack of fun breakfast choices (which I won't understand - I hated my mom never cooked for me, so I will be cooking for him - a far cry from the gas station doughnuts he's been eating as of late), and to school for before school care by 7.

Miss Cheryl will be picking him up by 4:30 for an evening of play & dinner - with bath time starting promptly at 7, followed by books & bedtime at 7:30.  Dr. Trevor says this is doable with the activity level he'll have a school... So I'm hopeful.

And I'd be lying if I didn't ask for a few prayers to come our way right now as we make all these crazy transitions.  Life just seems to be getting busier & busier...  

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