Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Fishing

J has found a new favorite past time, that I banished to Grandma & Grandpa's after having to have Grandpa fix it a gazillion times over...

J has taken to fishing.  Casting.  Reeling.  Squealing with joy as he investigates his catch.
Nevermind his catch is a tire that is his hook, bait & catch all the same.
See, we found this rod & reel at Cabela's.  Upon seeing McQueen, J was certain he could not live without it.  He even responded to my "We'll see, I'm not sure your ready for that" with "But I said please Mommy"...  :)

Grandpa even took J out to the dock & they cast it into the water, over & over & over again.  Grandpa even had to go fishing himself, as the tire caught on something in the water & broke off.  And let me tell you how this little boy was until Grandpa came up with it.

Now I get asked many times a day, "Can I please go fishing?"

And I happily answer - "When we get to grandma & grandpa's."

I'm even thinking the rod will need to sleep the winter at the grandparentals so grandpa's rods don't get lonely...

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