Monday, August 8, 2011

Grandfather's Day

First I have to point out... J's pj's are size 6.

Why yes, I was shocked too... And for some odd reason, I still looked dumbfounded when I put a pair of size 4 pants pj's on him the other day & was stumped as to why they only reached his knees & revealed his belly.

Sigh...  My fast growing little man was so proud to deliver grandpa his father's day gift. 
Definitely more excited than he was to shop for them, having melted down inside Tommy while we shopped for baby Caleb's gift.  It's hard being at school all day, then running errands at night.  I have to remember that, if I'm tired, then he must be too.
Excitement may be driven by grandpa letting him help open...
Cause then it is for him too, right?

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