Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The littlest Jet Skier

Last summer, Mr. M kindly surprised Grandma & Grandpa P with this jet ski, in hopes of providing more fun for J as he got bigger.  He wasn't quite big enough last summer to enjoy it.
While J was ready to roll, as soon as he saw it, Mommy was a lot more nervous.  Still my father's daughter, I had complete trust in him taking J out, even if I was scared to death I'd dump it with him on it.
Lucky for me, Grandpa dumped it for me, so I didn't have to worry... J thought it was great & they hadn't even left the dock yet.  :)
They were off!  Grandma & I held our breath, mine with fear - knowing I was next. 
Relaxing every time they made a pass, as J kept wearing the biggest smile I'd seen since introducing him to Mickey & Minnie over Spring Break.
Mommy did bone up & after running a good run on her own, I took J with me & let the jet ski fly.  It really made me understand why people who ride motorcycles enjoy them as much as they do.  I love being out there.  I love sharing the natural sites (geese, trees broken in the tornado, etc) with J. 
And possibly, I may have loved it a bit more on my own, when I can really sprout my wings.  And yes, that would be how I ended up dumping it, before it could dump me, causing J to nag grandpa they had to rescue Mommy before she died.

And yes, I did even manage to make it back on the jet ski & come ashore all on my own.  Very bruised, but also very proud of that fact.

And the tell-tale sign J was done...

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