Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crazy life is...

Yes, and as life would have it... I just get zoned back into blogging & my hard drive crashes at the same time I am buried in two projects at work.  Sigh...

You have been my little work buddy... Sitting there beside me with your McQueen laptop busily working & telling me:

"Just a minute I said...  Just a minute." followed by a huge, exaggerated sigh.

Okay, so maybe Mommy has been alerted to how she sounds when she is caught up in work.  I'm working on it.  Promise!

I'm preparing to take my first adult vacation with a friend.  I've never done this.  In college, I always came home to see Grandma & Grandpa OR they came to pick me up for a family vacation.  However, as I will turn 35 on Sunday, I've packed my bags & after work tomorrow I head out to Marco with my best friend (and Maid of Honor) from college, Anna.  We could not be more excited, and are already thinking plans that will include you & her two little ones next year.

Your plans are to stay with Grandma & Grandpa M on Thursday & Friday, then Friday afternoon you will spend it with Daddy, and on Saturday you will do your first overnight with Uncle Jon & Kim.  So many plans have been made & I could not be more excited for you.

Grandma & Grandpa P are busily working to recover from the tornado that hit the lake.  We are so very thankful for the Lord's blessing of so little damage & loss.  We pray for those who lost so much more on both sides of The P home.  

I'm going to get back to the pictures I wanted to get up from Marco, and then I have to follow up with the other weekend excitement.

i.e. Your creating a project for Grandpa P (i.e. hole in the wall) and getting bit by a Tick (read: mommy not sleeping for days since)

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