Monday, December 3, 2012

Uncle Jon & Aunt Kim's Wedding - Ring Bearer

Jacob was delighted & honored to be one of two ring bearers at his Uncle Jon's wedding.  The fellow ring bearer & the flower girl were Kim's niece & nephew.

While I have no pictures of the stunning bride & groom, I do have several of Monkey...

Last minute size check before cutting off the tags..
 In our hotel room before heading over...
 Posing before the ceremony.

and last but not least... His new emergency jacket...
Daddy did pickup the day before Fall break.  It was warm, much like today.  Daddy saw J leave with his jacket on, because it had been 40'ish in the early morning.  When he picked him up, Mr. M inquired on J wearing his jacket, to which J responded "no Daddy, it's hot."

Let's not think ahead to the 30 & snow we encountered up in Wisconsin... Sigh...  Thankfully, Mommy made a quick trip to the Lighthouse Mall & lucked into a warm inexpensive down jacket one size up for the growing boy. 

He's delighted... :)

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