Friday, December 14, 2012

Marco - Nov 2012 Pics

J was so fascinated by the beach this trip.  He started asking about his visit to the beach prior to our even leaving.  He knew exactly which bucket set he wanted to take, and there was no talking him out of it.
 Nor was there any fear of the Gulf.  A whopping 68 degrees was warm enough for this little fish...
 Although, he left cleanup for grandpa.  That's what they are for, right?
 I love how you see J's Spartan S so clearly here... He was very certain that would be his hat to have in Florida, because it matches grandpa's.

Spiderman throwing webs.
 The weather was not as warm as I would have liked, but we made the most of it, enjoying the wonderful city park - where J could have played for hours with all they have to do there...

HUGE tree house structures, lots and lots of swings, basketball courts, shuffle and botchy (sp?) board courts.  Grass to run around in...  They had tether ball courts.  Even in doors, they had video games, air hockey and a pool table.

J had a blast burning energy here prior to hanging out with grandpa, so mommy & grandma could go shopping at Patchington & Marco Island Clothing Co.  Two of her favorite island stores. 
With the beach condo for sale, we spent most of our time in the rented two bedroom.  J definitely liked having the room to move.  Mommy like the pool was warmer, but I will admit, I missed waking up to the sound of the Gulf and the view.

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