Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our weekend with Beary!

Jacob has been anxious awaiting Mr. Beary Bear's visit to our home.  He had all kinds of plans.

Unfortunately, mommy had no forewarning of Beary's visit - so instead of J's fun filled weekend trip to the City - we spent the weekend running errands.

We started Saturday off by visiting the Dr. for our annual flu shot.  J decided at this point, his goal was to teach Beary to be brave and thankful.  I ended up adding later, Jacob also did a great job teaching Beary patience

Mommy, J and Beary all received our flu shots.  Some shed more tears than others.  

Then we all went and voted early.  2.5 hours later.  Sigh.

Then we attended J's first soccer game of the year.  It went very well.

This was all followed by dinner with daddy and off to bed.  During our prayers, J made sure to tell Beary how we have to stop and thank God for all the gifts he gives us each day - like the sun and the moon and Mommy & Jacob days and family Sunday's.  I loved listening to J teach Beary about being thankful.

Sunday, we spent the day chilling out.  Chaucer - J's normal sleep buddy had to learn sharing, as Beary got prime snuggles for the night.  And Beary was the one J read stories to...

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