Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's such a small world - seeing friends

It is always expected to run into people you know, when you are say - in their community or at least state.

When you travel 19 hours away, however, you really don't expect it as much.

However, J & I were delighted to learn - friends of Mommy's had also decided to visit Marco for Thanksgiving.

Mommy & Mr. E met when we were just out of college.  My parents had moved to the Detroit area, and I had just returned from college in North Carolina.  I knew no one, and I was working in Downtown Detroit at the RenCen, with people generally older than me.

I was soooo lonely.

Thankfully, my parents had decided to get a boat that summer.  Our dock ended up being right by this super nice couple who had a son my age, and a younger daughter.  The son had a cousin the same age.  As boys do, they were always out having some kind of fun.  Mr. E's dad saw I desperately needed a life line - I'm pretty sure this is how it went anyway... Instructed his son to take pity on me & include me in their outings. 

So started a friendship that would last the test of time & distance.

And now, we know generations.

Mr. E, who I rarely communicate with now - as I have built a relationship with his wonderful wife, saw my Facebook update on having arrived in Marco the night before - texted me to confirm I was in fact in Marco.

They were also on the Island. 

I was delighted to get some in person catchup time with his wife, expecting their third addition, E and watching their adorable daughter.

But what warmed my heart the most was watching how their son, a year older than J, and Jacob instantly bonded.  They connected and played like long lost friends.  By the end of the day, J was asking - can we play together again?  When Mommy, when?

And so begins the second generation of friends. 

I didn't think to grab many pictures, as I was too busy talking, but here are a couple from our visit with them...
 Petting the exotic animals brought to visit the kiddos at the hotel...

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