Thursday, December 6, 2012

Soccer 2012

We are loving this soccer season.  It is so amazing to me how much J has matured with team sports over the past year.  He still isn't the best sport about not getting the ball, but he is starting to realize that getting in there & hustling give him a better opportunity & more fun than pouting on the side.

I do think his random after school care days have helped though, as the older kids play with him.  Either Mr. M or I will pick him up, and he will just go on and on and on about the Big Tyler and Colton (5th graders).   He knows them from the reading buddy activities, but when they give him the time of day in the gym after school - J things he has just scored the brass ring.

Another huge help, I planned the YMCA team with two fellow FRA mom's.  While the rest of the team is random draw, at least J has two friends he knows - so he can focus on playing rather than trying to connect with them, especially since one of the FRA kid's dad is coach.  HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Vasquez for taking this on, as it has been a great season.

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