Monday, November 26, 2012


Prior to vacation, I was burned.out.  Totally.

J & I were doing all the things we normally do - play soccer, do laundry, see family, grocery shop, etc, etc, etc...

But me.  Here.  Mentally was a total fail. 

Work was too consuming, then with all the growing/learning J is doing, it was even more consuming.  I just did not have the energy or capacity to give any more than I absolutely had too...

So here we are...

Me playing catchup again... Sigh. 

A happy, stress relieved me though.

A rejuvenated me.

J and I spent the Holiday break in Marco Island with my parents.  It was a little cold, but otherwise exactly what I needed.  Exactly what little man needed. 

And if there was any question:  
taken at 1:14am on our way home... Totally answers it, doesn't it?

He was an awesome road trip buddy.  With the exception of one true meltdown on the way down to Marco, Jacob rocked as my car buddy.  I do think it did help that on the way home Grandpa drove most of it so I could cater to J & keep him happy. 

After several days of struggling with meltdowns, he was back to his normal self.  Back to listening & following directions and generally being a great kid.

He needed downtime.

He needed mommy & me time.

He needed fun in the sun.

He enjoyed time with Grandma & Grandpa.

He needed Marco as badly as Mommy.

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