Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sleepy Week

Last Friday, J & I participated in the annual Mother & Son event at FRA.  It was a BLAST!  We started with the kids conducting their own science experiments of candy (& Moms trying not to cringe as our children loaded up on sugar before dinner), then we looked at items under a microscope to guess what the 6 items were.  We got a couple correct.  We then had dinner, followed by a professional scientist conducting experiments for the audience of Moms with their most handsome dates.

I loved it.  J loved it.  The fact he came home with most of his candy was just an added bonus & a sign that my concept of moderation is sinking in with him.  He was so sweet about offering me candy, but then said "Oh yeah, sugar makes you sick & we don't want that!"  I'm so lucky he gets my lifestyle conversion and supports it because he wants me to feel good.  And I truly believe, he will choose to live on natural sugars as he gets older.  He already is not a huge fan of cookies & cakes (unless you are talking Oreos - then all bets are off).

On Saturday we met with a second roofing contractor & we do in fact need a new roof.  Sigh... One of the benefits of buying a new home was to not having to deal with this for several years.  Thankfully, our contractor knows both our claims adjuster and insurance agent, and is willing to fight on our behalf to get our new roof, metal wraps for the garage, and possible new egg crating for our air conditioner.  I, for one, and happy to see fall here - ending the season of golf ball to baseball size hail storms we had last summer.

Even Sunday was not an overly ambitious day...  These are nice days.

This week, has been crazy... From having relaxed all weekend, I was left doing a Target run Monday night on my way home for stuff I need for the wedding this weekend.  Then last night was laundry and packing.

Tonight we had our YMCA Soccer meeting for his fall season. 

And tomorrow we start our weekend after work.  J & I will be picking up Daddy & heading north to Lake Geneva.  Uncle Jon & Aunt Kim will be married on Saturday with the love & support of family, particularly a ring bearer & flower girl from Kim's side, and a ring bearer from Jon's.  We are all so happy to be welcoming Aunt Kim into the family name. 

Payton, as she moans I'm still up, would like to add her thankfulness to Miss Cheryl & Mr. Bryan for agreeing to house / dog sit for us this weekend.  She is so very grateful for the company.

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