Monday, October 1, 2012

Bonfire Wrap-up

I got there just in time for you to...

Go on the annual hayride...

 You were so excited to be going...
 Afterwards, we scarfed our hot dogs, as you were so excited for dessert.  You had been pining away for it since we bought (your classes responsible items) the graham crackers and chocolate in preparation for the big night.
 Grandma pitched in to help you roast the marshmallow while ensuring you did not roast yourself.
 Grandpa had been so excited to do roasting with you as well, since it was all you talk about.  The marshmallows were kind of big, so roasting them took FOREVER.  You were over it by the time we all got a marshmallow.
 After the bonfire, you were soooo tired you could not keep your eyes open for the 10 minute ride home.  Since it was only grandpa visiting, and daddy was caught downtown for work, I put you in my bed, so grandpa could have yours.  You were sooo tired you slept totally insane all night. 

I'm not sure I got much sleep, in fear of you rolling off.

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