Friday, September 28, 2012

Bonfire - Letter to J

Monkey -

Last night, I had such a blast at the bonfire with you.  I'll get the pictures up next week, but right now I need to share moments from my heart.

We were blessed with Grandpa P unexpectedly being able to join us.  Grandma & Grandpa M changed their vacation plans to join us.  Sadly, Daddy had to work, so it was just the five of us.  And mommy was about 45 minutes late.

By the time I joined you, Grandpa P had made sure you were signed up for the hay ride.  Nadia, little Miss first grader herself, your morning buddy... The girl you consistently tell me how much you love her morning hugs, and her mom shared that you are her own personal fan club.  She asked you to wait for ride 3, so you could ride with her. 

Then she changed her mind, she didn't want to ride.  But you, went your own way - so excited for the ride.  You wanted to be right up front so you wouldn't miss a thing.  But your heart is so good and so loving, that when a buddy from Young Scholar's was sad to be going on the ride without his mom, you quickly gave up your seat and made your way over to him.  You let him know with your loving hug that it was okay and the ride would be fun because you two were together.

You ended up sitting in the middle of everyone towards the back, and really didn't have the see everything experience you had initially desired, but you were happy.  You made a friend smile & when you two both got off, he was as delighted as you were for having gone on the ride.

Thank you for your sweet, loving heart.

I have more to share on the night, and will as I publish the pictures, but that moment was my key point to the night.

You were so tired when we left, you were not able to keep your eyes open until we arrived home - a whole 10 minutes later.  Grandpa & I got you changed, then tucked into mommy's bed.  I love the stolen nights of putting you to sleep in our room.  They are becoming more rare, and I know they will all but disappear before I know it. 

You were very adamant about saying your prayers.  Listening to you thank the Lord for his daily gifts, is definitely a highlight of my night.  You were so insecure when we first started doing these daily prayers, but lately I've noticed you are getting more and more confident.  It's like praying before we eat.  You just do it - naturally.  Simply.  Joyfully.  You are setting the example I wanted for you.  Thank you for that.

As I tucked into bed, I snuggled you close.  The woodsmoke in your hair.  The little boy bad breath.  The simple joy of having you safe & beside me.  I am so blessed that you are my little boy.  You are perfect for me.  You are my buddy. 

I love you so much monkey.  Thank you for being you.

Even when you are cranky and tired.  I love you. 


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