Thursday, September 6, 2012

The boy likes...


Yes, I know... It's random.  Neither his father nor I have any body art.  We are too straight laced for such permanence. 

I ALWAYS wanted a tattoo on my hip, but here I am 36 - a married mother, and have yet to believe I'm old enough to go acquire one.

But the boy...

Yes, the boy has found his fascination in body art.  He even took his first lesson in savings to acquire more body art.

See I bribe reward J for good behavior at the grocery store with a $0.25 for each trip.  It buys him a gum ball at the machine on our way out the door.  He's happy.  I'm happy.  Most importantly, we get groceries - so everyone's tummy is happy.

A couple of trips ago, however, J noticed an Angry Birds machine, and asked what it was.  In my haste to get the gumball and leave, I answered "Angry Bird sticker or tattoo machine.  It costs two quarters, which you don't have.  Grab your gumball and let's go."

J... Never one to be put off or rushed on anything.  Poky Little Puppy  Sigh.

"How can I get two quarters?"

After a good 10 minutes of explaining how J could *earn* $0.50, J decided he wanted me to save his quarter for the next trip.

Awesome.  Let's go.

Fast forward one week. 
Thankfully this is 3 days later.
J on the other hand... He's sad & wanting to know when it will come back.  I keep telling him when he is 30.  Like kissing - no body art until he's 30.

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