Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We have a...

I mentioned last week, how excited I was for Friday.  I've been waiting to share the chosen team, as I wanted to share the background fable with it.

From Forest Ridge Academy, written by the first Head of School.

The Hender-Monti Fable

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived in a small village a brave and courageous clan known far and wide as the Henders...and beyond the Ridge and in the beautiful Forest lived their friends and compatriots, the Montis.  Both clans worked together to improve the lives of the people and wee children living in this enchanted forest near the famous ridge.

It was custom at that time that all children were given their clan name, which consisted of their last name first; followed by the special name their parents had given them.

Into the Hender clan was born, one lovely, balmy day, a delightful baby boy who was the first son of the village professor.  He was affectionately named Hender - Son.

Now, lo and behold, on the same day, there was also born into the Monti clan a beautiful, bright-eyed girl.  Her parents chose the name Sarie for their baby, so she became known as Monti - Sarie.

As time passed, little Hender - Son and Monti - Sarie became good friends, and as they grew both learned the importance of education.  For they loved school and spent many happy hours acquiring the knowledge and skills they knew they would need to better adapt as citizens, not only of the beautiful ridge in the enchanted forest, but as true citizens of the world.

It also happened that there lived near the ridge an evil monster, whose primary goal was to prevent creativity and learning, so that the monster could control all persons with its influence.

To carry out its diabolical design, the monster cast an evil spell on Hender - Son and Monti - Sarie while they played in the glen.  They fell into a deep, deep sleep.  It is true that the only way they could be rescued would be for all the children to experience the joy of learning and understanding.  There was then created, on the ridge in the enchanted forest, an Academy of formal learning.  This school became known as Forest Ridge Academy

In due time, the formal training and the knowledge acquired by the children at Forest Ridge Academy broke the spell that had been cast upon Hender - Son and Monti - Sarie by the wicked monster.  Then the beautiful ridge in the enchanted forest was once again filled with happiness.

May the flame & spirit of Hender - Son and Monti - Sarie's dream, Forest Ridge Academy, forever burn brightly, so that no evil monster may ever, now or in the future cast its grotesque spell of ignorance and superstition on the children.

J desperately wanted to be a Hender.  I'm not sure why, although, I suspect it has to do with Mrs. Sandoval being one.  All I know is he told me repeatedly that he wanted to be a Hender.

I was seriously so nervous he'd draw a burgundy Monti strip, landing him in tear fest 2012.  I kept saying "You will be wearing both gray & burgundy, so whatever you pick, you & Mommy are going to be celebrating.  This is so exciting, and I cannot wait to see what team you are on."

"I know mom, but I really want to be a Hender"

Sigh.  (and when did I become mom... Sad)

With crossed fingers & toes, Mommy stood with the other Moms & Dads of his classmates taking pictures.  Celebrating this moment.  This team will be J's team for life. 

Alumni even cheer for their teams after graduation.

This is HUGE!!!
Boy was he one happy boy...

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