Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fun Extended Family Day

After the football game Saturday, we drove to the Detroit area to see some close friends I haven't seen in far to long (a stop that was far to short, due to time) and then onto our hotel for the night.  Thankfully J fell asleep on the trip to our hotel, and stayed asleep for the night.

In the morning, Jeff & the girls came to join Grandma & Grandpa, J & me for a morning swim.  The pool was a bit chilly, but it made for such a fun start to spending time with my family.

And swim, oh man - J is a swimmer.  While the girls when to the hot tub, J went right for the big pool.  It was approximately 30 feet long and 5 feet deep in the *deep* end.  J promptly jumped in, causing fear in the hearts of the boys swimming in there.  To their surprise and delight, they had a new playmate. 

J was the youngest to join the crew of 3 (unchaperoned, which made me nutty) already in the pool.  The oldest was probably around 12, then 8, and the youngest was 5.  The oldest was a strong swimmer, but J beat the 8 year old in a swim contest from one end to the other. 

Yes, he was tickled with delight over this fact.
They had a no diving rule, so J made use of his cannon ball skills. 
And when we were done, man was he tired.

But not to tired to play.  After swimming, Aunt Kristi had made lunch.  The kiddos sat together enjoying this much to short time together, leaving the adults to relax and catchup as well. 

When we departed around 2:15 ET, J surprised no one with his promptly falling asleep.  Thankfully it was only an hour nap, so he still went down for the night fairly easy.  On Monday, Miss Cheryl & I had a game plan for getting him in position to fall asleep early.  There was no strong request or encouragement, but should he fall asleep - he'd be fed & bathed for the night. 

Miss Cheryl texted me at 5:30 - J was knocked out.  He slept pretty much until the morning wake-up, putting us in great shape for a great week.

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