Monday, September 24, 2012

MSU Football

And really, all I can say is - they won.

My dad did his undergrad and graduate degree at Michigan State University.  Since then, my parentals have had MSU Football tickets for as long as I can recall.  I mean as in, in a snow suit as a child... In the later years, my parents added basketball tickets to their entertainment schedule. 

I call this - MSU's sharing of my inheritance.

In reality, I'm only sort of joking, but seriously - I never enjoyed going.  Best thing ever was turning 13 & able to stay home alone & read a book while my parents went with friends.  Neither my brother nor I ever went without anything we needed, and my dad worked very hard - so I cannot begrudge him from this activity.

But I won't lie, MSU raising the funding level has surpassed the price point my dad is willing to spend on these - considering he is a Snow Bird, did not break my heart.

It did however, ensure I attended a game this year... 

It started with Matt being a huge U of Illinois fan.  My Dad obviously being a huge MSU fan.  And my high school years being spent between MSU's campus & Olivet College's campus.  They were, after all, 35 minutes & 15 minutes respectively from the door of the fraternity houses of my brother's friends to the door of my house.  Not that I needed to that down to the second for curfew or anything.

Jacob has been showered in MSU gear for the past 2 years as Mommy shunned Daddy's joy, as he has ruled on all Pro teams.  As a result, J is a HUGE Spartan fan.  HUGE. 

My Mom & Dad have had the best time sharing this joy with J.  J always has to have his MSU gear packed when he sees Grandma & Grandpa.  He knows this is *their* thing.  Similar to White Sox with inlaws, due to Aunt Liz working for the Sox.

So of course, Grandpa HAD to treat J to a game.
And it was bouncing between 48 & 56 degrees F.

With rain.
Don't I look thrilled?

Seriously, it was a lot of fun.  And yet, I'm glad it is over.  J can always say he was center field 30 rows up in Spartan stadium, something that in all my years of going, could rarely say.  He is one lucky kid. 

And the happiness it gave my parents & J - made it totally worth it.

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