Friday, September 21, 2012

Show & Tell

Today is such an exciting day.  I'm writing this before school, but set to post while we are partying at the bonfire. 

Fingers crossed.

Weather is predicting rain from noon on... :(

Today is the day that J will select his Hender / Monti team.  He will participate on this team from now until he leaves the school.  So as of now, that means, he will be on this team until he is ready to start high school in 9th grade.  If FRA does build the high school as is planned, then he could be on it from age 4 preschool through graduation of high school. 

This is a HUGE day!

And sadly, I don't think he gets it yet.  Mommy was way more excited & geeked over it this morning than J was.


What's a mom to do?  Shift gears.


Moving on...

J is excited over today being his "Show & Tell" day.  The theme this year is to have the item be related to the letter of the week (so this week was B), and for the kids to develop a couple of clues to have their classmates try to guess what it is.

I spelled and J wrote as we developed the clues.  This was a ton of fun as well!

The Clues:
Can you guess?  See below

While you attempt to guess, I will add - this is going to be a super busy weekend.  We are excited, but wow will it be busy.

Today is the Hender / Monti selection Pep Rally followed by the bonfire tonight.

Tomorrow is the MSU football game, followed by a visit with friends we haven't seen in far to long.  Then we are headed to our hotel room for the night by my brother's home.  My parents are accompanying us, hence our camping out at the hotel, plus we get a pool.  Bonus!

Sunday - spending the day with my brother & his family.  J is excited about seeing his grandparents tonight and tomorrow (both sets), but he is especially excited about getting to see his cousins.  He really thinks Camryn hung the cousin moon.  It is so fun for me to watch them play like they just saw each other yesterday.  Considering how far apart we live, I cannot help but cherish this blessing.

Have a great weekend! 

The Answer:

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