Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Christmas & Birthday came early this year...

Grandma & Grandpa P are never around these parts at Christmas or for J's birthday.  They are always great about giving him gifts when they get back in town (or before they leave), and for Jacob - this works out wonderfully... His gifts are never ending. 

This year, Grandma, knowing I'm feeling overwhelmed in toys, was really trying to find a good gift for Monkey.  A gift that we would both appreciate.  She'd tossed out a few ideas, but nothing stuck. 


Mommy mentioned how she & daddy had been discussing a trampoline.  Our dog run is perfect size for housing it.  The ground is level for safety, and being down to only Payton - there isn't much dog left for it.

Grandma jumped all over it.  Grandpa jumped on board immediately as well. 
And together, they surprised him this past weekend.
He hasn't stopped jumping yet.

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