Monday, September 10, 2012

Apple Orchard - Birthday Party

J & I had such a busy fun weekend.  I felt like we were just catching our breath, when my alarm went off this morning.  Both J & I could have slept another hour or so...  Thankfully, he slept until I woke him up for school.

Two birthday parties on Saturday were followed by mowing the lawn, dinner and bed... Sunday, being Grandparents Day, were spent celebrating Aunt Liz's birthday & spending time with Grandma & Grandpa M.

I only have pictures from the first party, as Mommy totally slacked the rest of the weekend...  :-/

The Apple Orchard has been one of our favorite activities over the past few years.  J immediately figured out how to dig right into an apple straight from the tree his first year (age 2 1/2), to mommy's surprise.  So we've managed to go every year since... This year, with the early frosts, there are not many apples.  It is so bad, they are calling it an experience more than a picking expedition.  So this year, celebrating a birthday kind of worked perfectly.

The kiddos started at the Petting Zoo.  J happily fed animal after animal.  His working with Payton to take treats without being scared carried over into his feeding the greedy goats.  He was so proud of not shying away.

Although, he did say that one of them was a mean greedy goat & needed to be put on "time-out". 
The Petting Zoo was followed by Peter the Pumpkin Eater. 
And yes, J promptly grabbed the mike when offered to tell a joke.  I was betting money he'd tell a fart, poop, or something else equally embarrassing joke.  Instead, it was one about a Mommy that fell flat with the kids, but us parents chuckled at his bravery.

After a yummy lunch, the kiddos received their Jake hats...
Then got a ride on the Moo Choo Train...
J was so sad to leave his good friend Artie's birthday, but super excited about seeing Madi at Jump Zone for her birthday.

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