Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

J's plans to spend Friday with Grandma & Grandpa were thwarted by Grandpa M having surgery the prior Friday.  Mommy had already told Miss Cheryl she could have the long weekend, so backup plan A was a bust.  Daddy was in the midst of close, so backup plan B was a bust.  As well as Grandma P having a Dr. appointment about her pesky kidney stones...

Backup Plan Mommy was in full effect.  And while I  stressed over pulling a vacation day ahead, I cannot lie - I LOVED this stolen day.  It was perfect for us to have this time to get our errands done in preparation for Grandma & Grandpa's arrival on Saturday. 
Fresh from Pigtails & Crewcuts.

Operation basement insulation, water heater repair, and throw in a toilet innards replacement for good measure was in full effect this Labor Day weekend.

Our basement has been fully lined in 2 inch insulation, and our exercise equipment has been completely put together.  I've even made a ton of progress on sorting for garage sale vs. donating J's baby stuff.

We still have to move the couch downstairs, run cable to the TV, clean the project/game table, and sort J's toys.  Oh yeah, move the two chairs from downstairs to upstairs.  Those + a new area rug & our Sun Room will finally become my reading sanctuary.  Going into fall & winter, that excites me more than I can tell you.

The only part of this project that worries me - sorting J's toys.  It is so hard to make choices on what to get rid of vs. what to keep when he hasn't outgrown all of his toys yet.  But we are overwhelmed in them, and I feel a calling to not only share on his behalf, but pull J into the process.  My mom had a wonderful idea, as we were standing there looking at the overwhelming pile of toys for me to sort, to put all toys away on shelves & see what he gets out & still plays with vs. what he just never seems to find that interest.  I like it AND it fits with my idea of clean floor.  This will be J's playroom.  He will be responsible for picking up his toys.  The bonus is it will give us room to play too.  Instead of having to pick and choose times to play, we will be able to start a game, leave it on the table, then come back after eating - or whatever. 

2012 has been such a wonderful year, and I'm looking forward to rounding it out strong.

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  1. Oh what I wouldn't give for a stolen day! Sounds like you got so much accomplished!