Thursday, August 30, 2012

Parent's Orientation

Seems like just yesterday Mr. M & I walked through the doors of the Young Scholar class to meet Mrs. Bach, Mrs. Sandoval, Mrs. B & Mrs. Petner.  We did not know then, how truly impactful these wonderful women would be on our son. 

We were so delighted and amazed at the changes in maturity and academic development Jacob had in his age 3 preschool.

Matt & I have been so excited for what this year will be, knowing J's growth will be in triplicate as he enters a more structured classroom.  That said, we were no where near prepared for how orientation night would go this year.  Or that your class would be so small.  10 kids in your classroom.  I'm awed by the one on one attention you will receive.  A perfect fit for your learning style.

We met Mrs. Kaiser the first day of school, and my initial impression still holds.  She is more teacher and less loving parent.  Not bad, just the complete opposite of Mrs. Bach & Mrs. Sandoval, who were total parent first - teacher second  This is her first year teaching at FRA, and I think she is still getting her bearings a bit.  Much like us parents.

She was wonderfully informative.  Small details, oh so important to us as parents, were shared.  She explained how lunch worked.  How our little ones were eating in the cafeteria with, but separate from, the other K - 4th graders.  By September, the teachers will let the Aides address lunch with the kids, as right now they are there for additional assistance.  And coming back in January, the kids will be eating as part of the larger lunchroom.  EEK!

Naps, sigh.... Naps.  I'm mixed on missing naps.  After discussing how hard it is to wake J up, should he fall asleep on his own, Mrs. Kaiser learned first hand last Friday.  Since then, she watches and if he starts to doze, she'll quietly nudge him into looking at a book or another activity, which will keep him from totally relaxing into sleep. 

FRA treats JK as a transitional year packing the development of age 4 preschool and Kindergarten into one year.  Mrs. Kaiser only kind of laughed when she said "Entering Kindergarten next year the students need to be ready for Kindergarten being the new 1st grade."

We parents nervously laughed.

Mrs. Kaiser explained how she will be working to develop analytical thinking while teaching math concepts.  She introduced "Bubble Math" a new concept for me, as I only knew the "Bubble" concept in relation to brainstorming exercises.

Library time!  This year the kids are getting their own library cards for school.  They will have library time every Monday, with the ability to check out one book at a time.  J is so excited. 

Field Trips.  Oye ve.  1 a month with parental involvement expected on every other trip.  YIKES.  Thankfully Grandparents & family friends can pinch hit for us.  Yes, that would be you Grandma P, Grandma M and Miss Cheryl.  Oh, and Aunt Liz - you are more than welcome to join.  Unfortunately Mrs. Kaiser does not have the plans complete yet, but committed to at least giving us a head's up shortly so we can plan accordingly.

Heading into this year, I realize there will be a learning and adjustment curve not only for you little man, but us too.  We have to remember to take our time, be patient and kind with each other as we grow through these changes.

That said... Much like going into summer, I have so much hope, happiness, and just plain excitement for this 2012-2013 school year, I want to dance on ceilings and shout it out loud.

Love you Bud!

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  1. One field trip a month?!? I am totally jealous!