Monday, August 27, 2012

Ionia Free Fair 2012

I just realized, I never got around to posting the pictures from the IFF this year.  We had a blast!
We stopped and looked at the displays going into the park.  The first stop was the inside of a Dinosaur, from mouth to um excretion (if you know what I mean).  J loved feeling the heart, and while he got a little worried as we enter the belly, the fact he got the biggest laugh over being pushed out in a ginormous fart wave of air.
The National Guard was a huge hit as we talked to J about Grandpa's P time driving one of those during the Gulf War. 
We also fully enjoyed our share of *fair food*... nom,nom,nom
The corn dog was as big as he was, and we inhaled 2 elephant ears. 

Being 42 inches, J was just tall enough to enjoy the first set of rides beyond the kiddie zone. 

And let me just tell you how fearless this kid was. 

He did the drop twice.

And yes, he is already asking when we can go do that again. 

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