Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sugar Free Pecan Pie

In an effort to reduce my mood swings, I decided to re-evaluate my diet.  As a result, I am eating a whole lot more wholesome foods, coupled with a whole lot less refined sugar. 

That said, with the feeling of fall in the air recently, I have been
Pecan Pie.

Seriously.  It has been OBNOXIOUS.  The crazy thing was, I had the hardest time finding a recipe that had all the goodness of my moms, with none of the sugar crashing mood swings.

Eventually, I gave up and decided to rewrite my own mother's tried-and-true recipe.

It.was.divine.  Totally hit the spot.

Will warn, it has a side benefit effect of torture if you enjoy more than a small slice at any one point in time.  I figure this keeps me honest in my goal to live well on veggies, while allowing me to enjoy the luxuries of dessert.

Sugar Free Pecan Pie
recipe adapted from Mom

2/3    almond flour
1/3    unsweetened flaked coconut
1       Splenda packet
3/4    stick butter

Mix with a pastry mixer (I used the hand held manual version)
Add additional almond flour until mix is similar to cheesecake crust

Bake at 425 degrees F for 10 mins

The coconut mixed in with the almond flour gives it a nice caramelized crunch that really satisfies as a crust.


3      eggs
1c    all purpose SF syrup
2/3c Ideal brown sugar
1/3c butter
1c    pecans
1/2c SF chocolate bites  (I used 5 individual wrapped candies cut into 4s)

Bake at 375 degrees F for 25 mins or until knife comes out clean.

I pulled mine out around 20 mins, as I mins (thinking that only applied to traditional crusts).  As a result it was pretty runny, but refrigerating it allowed it to harden up to the texture I was accustomed to having.  Also, I've read xathom can be added as a no flavor thickener. I have to play with that part. Regardless, this hit the spot with zero guilt!

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