Thursday, August 9, 2012

She's got new wheels...

Miss Skye recently had a birthday & is now a big 3 year old.  J was so happy to celebrate her birthday.  Although, he was rather bummed he missed out on the cakes enjoyed during the family celebration. 

That said, a play date was sufficient to remove any unhappiness over not scoring a piece of cake.  :-)

Especially when Skye turned over her keys to the new ride.
no, I did not ask him to put his arm around her, he just did it. 
Kind of like, he just leaned over and kissed her forehead during lunch on Saturday.

yes, we realize.  We are so in trouble in a few short years.  sigh...

J happily let her drive, until her understood how inexperienced he was, and this was pretty much the only time he let her drive.
Matt & I are anticipating similar behavior at 16.
Skye - you have to stay on the sidewalk.  Watch where you are going...

He's such a mini-me.

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  1. So freaking adorable! Oh they are going to LOVE these pictures when they are older (and totally in love... duh!)