Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fun Time with Monkey!

J had an absolute blast with his paternal grandparents & Aunt Lucy (aka to everyone else: Aunt Liz).  They visited the train engine museum and then a Wild West museum / exhibit on Monday.  J was blissfully happy when we spoke with him.  Then Tuesday became a day with Aunt Liz at the Brookfield Zoo.  J was so proud of his Gorilla he got out of a machine, and will have to show me at Grandma's next time we visit.

As excited as he was when we left him, J was sad to see us go.  And as excited as he was to be home, he was sad to see Grandma go last night.  He just had so much fun. 

Since it rained, we turned it into a night of relaxing enjoyment.  We snuggled on the couch & watch Dora's gymnastic adventure.  We learned how to make Xfinity work on our iPads.  We unpacked little man, did laundry, and repacked little man for his next big adventure to his maternal grandparents.

All the while celebrating J's big project with Grandpa. 

After all the fun at the M's, we had to give him something to look forward to at the P's.  He seriously was unhappy for the never ending fun to end...

And the project?  Getting Grandma a birthday cake & candles to celebrate her birthday this weekend, since she turns 66 next Friday...

In the meantime, I'm getting things done I need to accomplish & relishing in the fun of our weekend...

Can you tell which J did vs. Mommy art? 

Till Saturday, when I can join the fun in Michigan.

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