Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School Dr's Appointment

Jacob had his back to school Dr's appointment today!  He is so funny & awesome.  They just wanted to keep him. 

I prepared J for peeing in a cup at home, and so he asked 1,000 questions when we got there.  He was so inquisitive the nurse let him help do the test strip & launch the machine that analyzes the sample.  Let me tell you how proud he was.  It cracked me up to no end.  Seriously.

He was thrilled, as he ended up with no shots this visit.  He is due for one next year, but that is next year's problem.

Today we smiled.

and laughed.

and enjoyed this 43 inches and 43 pounds wonderful, perfect little boy.

On a less fun note... He does have fluid in his right ear, so we will be going back in September after a month on Zyrtec to see if we need an ENT referral.

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