Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Junior Kindergarten (JK)

Today Forest Ridge Academy (FRA) welcomed into the family.  Even though you were apart of the Young Scholar class, it isn't until you start Junior Kindergarten (JK) that you are welcomed into the school.

FRA is celebrating 30 years this year.  I learned when they first opened their doors, it was for 2 second graders and 11 first graders.  Today there are over 200 students enrolled between YS (age 3 preschool) and eighth grade.  As Mrs. Arnold, school principal, spoke about how quickly the time has gone, my heart caught in my throat realizing your time here will be over just as quickly.

Too quickly little man!

In September, we will be back to join you for the Pep Rally where you will draw your team membership; Monti or Hender.  We will then start donating Box Tops and Can Snaps in earnest as each one gets you closer to the year end celebratory pizza party.

Wow... Writing this is harder on Mommy than she would have thought.

This morning, I awoke to find my favorite little bed snuggler holding on to my arm.  It always amazes me that we start out with you in your bed, and you last there until well after Daddy joining me in bed... I never feel you scramble in between us.  And yet.  There you are.  Your arm looped through mine or your arm thrown around my neck. 

Love you little man!

As we awoke, you were so excited to start your day, and yet hesitant as well.  You were so excited both Mommy & Daddy would be there for the flower ceremony.  You wished we would stay the whole day though.  In your world, Mommy & Daddy would never work and every day would be family days.

Mommy agrees.  Totally!

When we arrived at school, you willingly stood before the FRA tree for me to capture the annual 1st day picture.  I was shocked to see how much you had grown from last Spring we did the last uniform day picture.  You looked so sharp. 
My heart over flows with happiness.  I love you so much little man.

Then it was off to your classroom to meet your new teacher, Mrs. Kaiser.  Since this was her first day at FRA, I think she was as nervous as you.  Mrs. Sandoval, your YS teacher in which you had the biggest crush, was also there to welcome you with a first day hug.  After showing us your cubby, you happily pushed daddy & me out the door to get some Mrs. Sandoval hugs. 

We all love your hugs and query "Can I tell/ask you one more thing?"

The actual program was so beautiful.  Mommy got so teary eyed as Mrs. Arnold spoke.  Then again as the names of your classmates were called. 

Then in serious form, as you were called.

Mrs. Arnold giving you the flower.
Mrs. Leitner (Board Member) giving you the biggest welcoming hug, which doubled as a find parents moment.
You ran out to me & daddy, then quickly ran to be with your class.
Your day had started, and you are so ready to be a Junior Kindergartner.

Daddy & I walked out talking how pleased we are to be able to have both the financial means and opportunity to send you to FRA.  Our hearts overflow with love and joy for you little man.

Oh... The things you will learn this year.  Happy 2012 - 2013 School Year.

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  1. This one has me tearing up FOR you my friend! He is getting so big and so handsome!