Tuesday, September 18, 2012

JK 1st Field Trip - Apple Orchard

J went on his first field trip with school on September 12th.  The Kindergartners and Junior Kindergartners visited County Line Apple Orchard.  Love this place.  It was the place of Artie's birthday the weekend before.  So much fun!

J came home with apples to make an apple cake.  They made apple sauce from orchard picked apples at school the for snack the next day.  I love listening to J talk all about his activities, and the things they do.  He is so happy.  SQUEE!

J was sad that Peter the pumpkin eating dinosaur was asleep during their visit, but the goats were still hungry so that made up for it.  :)

Since I could not join J on this field trip, I wanted him to know I was thinking of him... In atypical Ali fashion, I decided to be a tad artistic with his lunch bag.  They asked the kids come with disposable lunch sacks, as to not have to keep track of kids AND their stuff. 

I had a blast doing this for him. 
And yes, the kiss was added last - J requested it as part of the Kissing Hand theme being built upon this year.

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