Friday, September 7, 2012

Wow - When did that happen?

J's school has a pretty strict dress code.  Uniform Monday through Thursday, with Spirit Wear on Fridays.  Shoes are mostly all black or mostly all white.  Clothes must fit at the waist and be in good overall condition.  Boys must wear belts.  And absolutely no holes.  Even the stylish ones.

As a result, I have picked up a couple of pair jeans for J, but mostly I was relying on last years jeans to start the year.  Well, I was... Then today, I put them on him and hokey high tides.  Poor kiddo looked like he was trying to avoid the mud puddles. 

Obviously Mommy has some shopping to do. 

Thankfully, J is still young enough this did not cause drama this morning, as we had enough drama over falling asleep almost an hour late last night.  I'm so thankful tomorrow is Saturday.  Maybe this momma can kick her cold & recharge.

That said, I feel like my to-do list is never ending.

Sigh... At least jean shopping is a fun add. 

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