Tuesday, October 16, 2012

J: (implied) "YUCK!!!"

Mommy:  (sad silently screaming) "No, NOT YET!!!!!"

I get a kiss from J every day before school as I drop him off for school.  He stands at the door and watches me leave until I've driven back past the school, only then will he join his friends in the gym playing.  This is not a sad scene, but it is totally his thing to watch me leave for work.  He even has his friends sitting with him to watch me leave, knowing the minute I'm out of sight - the fun begins...

...A time will come, when I don't rejoice in that fact...

A typical Tuesday morning, with Mommy having atypically put on lipstick before leaving the house.  I only wear shear colors, as I've gone the way of shine with motherhood...  Anyway, I was kissing him good-bye & telling him to have a great day, after a pretty stern lecture in the car about wearing his gym shoes home, as we are required to keep a special pair of gym shoes at school for gym class.  Giving him a big hug & kiss before I left was important as I wanted to reassure him that I still love him, and I did want him to have a great day.

J promptly wiped his mouth.

Mommy, late for work, did a complete double take.

EXCUSE ME!?!?!?!

However, I did not react as I felt, but I did ask "um, what is up with you wiping your mouth?" complete with a smirky smile & a teasing tone...  

J: (serious as can be)  "I don't have any sparkles on do I?  Boys don't wear sparkles."

And just like that he had grown up another notch.  No longer is he asking why boys don't wear lipstick, and has moved right into making sure he is not wearing any smearing of mommy's.

Sigh... Growing up may be hard on him, but it is harder on mommy's heart.


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